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Tacky clay

Right idea. Wrong technology.
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A friend runs a very run-down second-hand bookshop, as a hobby he says, but his real hobby is continuous complaining about everything to the few unwary new customers he gets.

His even fewer old hands are more or less deaf and so they usually get their daily free reading undisturbed.

Today I was unwary and got trapped in Pete's complaint about display books falling over and the high cost of those Perspex supports.

"Bring me scissors and some cardboard, Pete," I said and cut out a tall right-angled triangle half-a-book high.

I scored and folded back a centimeter strip along the edge opposite the hypotenuse and Blutacked it to the back of a book.

To get the right degree of tilt-back I trimmed back the lower 90degree angle to 80.

As a professional complainer Pete was less than impressed so I didn't tell him I had lost a lot of money years ago trying to bake my "Propits" idea. It's as raw as ever as far as I kmow. It deserves to be.

I became obsessed instead with this other idea of an adhesive based on using bits of modelling clay made tacky with casein glue. widely used in those days.

It wouldn't peel off as I wanted it to do.

Blutack was waiting for me. I had the right idea but the wrong technology and no r & d facilities. Story of my life until I found the HalfBakery.

rayfo, Jul 13 2001


       Several versions, one of which was "Fun-tak". That one was blue. Another was yellow. Both of them had the same problem, that they seem to be oily, and of little or no use for hanging posters without damage...
StarChaser, Jul 13 2001

       If you have tape, it's kind of silly to use the sticky stuff anyway. I found it less than reliable, having had several posters peel off the wall and flop over...
StarChaser, Jul 14 2001


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