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Tactile recharger plug

Bump on one side
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So I don't spend so much time every night in the dark trying to figure out which way the recharger cord goes into the phone and iPad.
JesusHChrist, Sep 13 2012

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       You might have missed the announcement this morning, but the new iPhone/iPad dock connector is reversible.   

       Also, have you considered a drop of Krazy Glue?
ytk, Sep 13 2012

       Or we could go back in time and smack the guy who came up with the USB standard for not making it either keyed or reversible, and thus started the whole thing.   

       The idea is solid, however.
MechE, Sep 13 2012

       This is why I'm a DIYer. Problem solved so easily.
DIYMatt, Sep 13 2012

       Though a good idea, it's an old, widely implemented, now practically standard one.   

       With the exception of polarized 2-prong wall plugs, every non-reversable plug I've laid hands on in the past 10+ years had a bump or other feel-in-the-dark embossing on its "this side up" side.
CraigD, Sep 14 2012

       You obviously don't own any iStuff, [CraigD].   

       The midnight-fidget applicable plugs andor devices in my home that have been marked with two or three shallow divets (best made using a very small twist bit held in a pin vise) for this express purpose are now so numerous that I cannot count them from memory. I also like [ytk]'s solution, but little holes are more permanent.
Alterother, Sep 14 2012


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