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solderless resistors

snap-on, screw-in, clamp-on - why not?!
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>At best you've reinvented the terminal block screw connector

Actually, that's what I use, but they have metal connectors that I have to crimp off.

>Lazy bum YOU GOT THAT RIGHT. Laziness, not necessity, is the mother of invention.

davea0511, Oct 17 2007

Snap Circuits http://www.snapcircuits.net/scparts.pdf
Snap those circuits together! [csea, Oct 18 2007]


       No no no. Breadboards are for doing prototypes. I'm talking about real live use. For example I'm talking about throwing in a resistor, or say an parallel r/c with my computer fan so it will run slower and quieter. There have been many times when I've wanted to do that kind of thing without having to drag out the old soldering iron (where wire-to-wire connections are an extra pain).
davea0511, Oct 17 2007

       Incidentally, apparently it wasn't obvious enough... the connecting part (example: a alligator clamps) are permanently connected to both ends of the resistor. You could do this with capacitors too.
davea0511, Oct 17 2007

       You've got no duct tape?
lurch, Oct 17 2007

       Just twist the wires together.
Srimech, Oct 17 2007

       Resistance is a common feature of solderless joints, along with capacitance. Perhaps deliberately poor connections could allow you to just use a bit of wire instead of a resistor?
vincevincevince, Oct 18 2007

       Buy a butane soldering iron. They are great for eveyday use, no waiting for heat or fussing with cords. Added bonus: hot air tips for heat-shrinking
evilpenguin, Oct 18 2007

       //Its not going to help anyway, either that or your motherboard will overheat//   

       "Resistance is useless: terminate!"
Ling, Oct 18 2007

       When I first solder,
I knew I couldn't resistor,
Just had to make capacitor...
csea, Oct 18 2007


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