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better life through 'brain chemistry'
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So, Dow/DuPont/TeFal 's impasse is the 'unintended consequences' of better life through chemistry: bloated frothing dying cows downstream from Roy Plunkett's non-stick pan factories in West Virginia, for example. Another example is the frightening drop in sperm count of males of most species exposed to plastics xenoestrogens.

This idea is comprised of a group of educated, experienced persons who pause to consider the knock-on effects of any new technology--nigh unto the seventh generation of all surrounding living beings--with the aim to avoid and/or mitigate the most egregious accidental outcomes.

Scientific progress will not stop, indeed it can't, as we have so many pressing problems to solve; TaoAlchemical is simply a Think Tank of the best laterally-thinking scientific brains, looking at the the entire web of consequences before new technologies are rolled out. Their findings will be based on peer-reviewed replicable studies, universally accepted, backed by UN forces and/or BlackOps corporations tasked with protecting Life On Earth at all costs [insert assassinations/explosions here].

Fiendishly difficult? Yes. Impossible? Possibly, hence its inclusion in the HB. Necessary? Life on Earth depends upon it.

Disaffected Scientist with hard data to back up your concerns? Corporate Whistleblower? Tradiional Hunter noticing disturbances in The Force (of Nature)? Northern Ninja? Apply now!

Sgt Teacup, Apr 03 2019


       So it's basically an unintended consequences consideration agency?
notexactly, Apr 03 2019

       Yes. Judging by the state of disarray we have created on Earth, no country or supra-country agency is currently fulfilling this function. Is there evidence in the historical or fossil record that such an agency ever existed? Don't think so.   

       And, we need a 'science:paradox' category.
Sgt Teacup, Apr 04 2019

       Well I find myself saying, 'If I'd only been consulted' quite a bit... so sign me and my gut up, as long as it doesn't drive off people not relying on intuition who actually know what what they're talking about.   

       Who's going to listen to this group again?   

       Most countries call it some variation of "Environmental Protection Agency" or words to that effect.
UnaBubba, Apr 05 2019


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