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Target diagrams for Palm

Never buy another piece of paper
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Instead of having a small file with all your 7.62 target rifle target diagrams why not have a Palm application? You could select range, date, weather, competition, venue, auto fill start elevation (based on previous diagrams). The elevation diagram would autofill, as would windage. Just tap on the screen to locate the shot (perhaps have the diagram zoom in- able), it would autonumber them. You would be able to print it if you want to at a later date. You would never need to buy another target diagram.
Mony a Mickle, Nov 24 2008

Target diagrams http://www.fultonso...s/score%20cards.JPG
Called score cards here [Mony a Mickle, Nov 24 2008]

More score cards http://www.dunganno...ore_sheets_x_2.html
Download some here [Mony a Mickle, Nov 24 2008]

You could use the ricochet to mark where the bullet went http://www.youtube....watch?v=laSRfJ8WgwQ
[coprocephalous, Nov 25 2008]


       google *target diagrams* and this is on 1st page already. probably because it's in other:general - only kidding.
po, Nov 24 2008

       [po]'s at work early!
phoenix, Nov 24 2008

       is this a record of how you shot a target on a certain day? interesting why not keep the target itself?
po, Nov 24 2008

       6 hours ahead of you, phoe.
po, Nov 24 2008

       or 18 hours behind...
hippo, Nov 24 2008

       ah, it's pantomime season!
po, Nov 24 2008

       "Oh no it isn't !"
8th of 7, Nov 24 2008

po, Nov 24 2008

       The reason not to keep the target itself is that at 1000 yards the target is quite big. Even a 300 yard target is around 6 foot square. People shooting record the position of the shot on a diagram. The actual hole is pasted over.
Mony a Mickle, Nov 24 2008

       So why not attach a mobile phone's camera to your spotting scope, and use that to record the shots?

First read this not as "Palm" but as "Palin" and thought, "Oh No!, not her again".
coprocephalous, Nov 24 2008

       it's a long long time since I took part in rifle shooting (.22) - the targets were about A4 size.
po, Nov 24 2008

       //So why not attach a mobile phone's camera to your spotting scope// it is not just a picture that needs to be recorded. The wind and elevation need to be added, as well as recording these on a 'graph' type grid.   

       .22 targets are small but this is for 7.62mm (full bore)   

       Target diagrams are nothing new, but I am yet to see a digitised version. A PDA app would be perfect.
Mony a Mickle, Nov 24 2008

       [OT] If 303 is "full bore", what does that make 50 cal?
coprocephalous, Nov 24 2008

       I have no idea, I only have experience of 7.62mm (Swing Mk IV)
Mony a Mickle, Nov 24 2008

       OK, so a camera phone with GPS and Bluetooth anemometer
coprocephalous, Nov 24 2008

       Knowing the wind on the firing point isn't going help much further down the range. The wind can vary quite a lot over several hundred yards.
Mony a Mickle, Nov 24 2008

       //First read this not as "Palm" but as "Palin"//   

       Me too, and I assumed since she doesn't remember the names of the countries, that should she become President she can just point to something and the army would go bomb it.
phundug, Nov 24 2008

       // the army would go bomb it. //   


       It's usually the Air Force that "bomb" things. Armies and Navies tend to "shell" targets with artillery, sometimes referred to as "bombardment", which can also include the use of rocket artillery.   


       // what does that make 50 cal? //   

       "small bore" and "full bore" refer to shoulder weapons. .50 Cal is used in heavy machine guns. There are very few shoulder-fired weapons chambered for calibres as large as .50 or indeed .458 and .577, generally referred to as "Nitro Express" and used for big-game hunting, or sniping.
8th of 7, Nov 24 2008

       Weird, when I read the title, I thought this would have something to do with stigmata. This is better.
MisterQED, Nov 25 2008

       //Armies and Navies tend to "shell" targets//
Except the Army Air Corps and the Fleet Air Arm.
coprocephalous, Nov 25 2008

       This is true, but the aviation elements of ground and naval forces are secondary to their primary combat roles. Naval forces have infantry elements - Marines - trained in land combat, and air forces will generally have infantry and light armour units attached for airfield defence.   

       The "empty" sector is probably the fact that air force units will have minimal water-based capability.
8th of 7, Nov 25 2008

       Except for air-sea rescue boats, which the RAF used to have rather a lot of.
coprocephalous, Nov 25 2008

       I really meant armed forces; just wrote army for brevity. Sorry for the inaccuracy.
phundug, Nov 25 2008

apnea, Nov 26 2008

       //Targets made from obsolete handheld devices? good riddance// what are you on about?
Mony a Mickle, Nov 26 2008

       Even I got that one, apnea, and it's a WIFRT.   

       When I First Read This I thought this idea was going to suggest using old PDAs as targets on the firing range. You know, pick off a Palm, blast a Blackberry, nuke a Newton, cream a Clie, liquidate a LifeDrive, impact an iPaq,

<feel free to jump in aytime and stop me>

Pshatter a Psion, pulverize a PocketMail, ...
Canuck, Nov 26 2008


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