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A spherical zone of pure menace
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The TaserSphere is a sculpture consisting of a sphere, about 12 feet in diameter, whose entire surface is studded with live Taser guns, pointing outwards.

Sensors placed within the sphere sense the approach of objects/people in all directions. If a person gets closer than a certain distance, the taser closest to them fires.

The catch is that the minimum distance is not marked in any way. Instead, the sphere emits a menacing hum/howl that increases in volume, pitch and harshness as you get closer to it. Foolhardy viewers suffering excesses of testosterone can therefore play games of chicken with each other, seeing who dares to get closest to the sphere.

High-speed video cameras placed around the sphere are ready to record the moment that an unfortunate viewer gets too close and gets zapped. Screens outside the venue show slow-motion replays of previous zappings. And, of course, the proud zappee gets a tape of their zapping to take away with them.

bumhat, Aug 25 2006

(?) Riven sphere http://myst.cenega....y_pudelka/riven.jpg
[jellydoughnut, Aug 25 2006]





xenzag, Aug 25 2006

       How do you get close enough to reload?
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 25 2006

       Answered you own question, I think. If you can't get close enough to reload then you don't need to, as the device is still actively dangerous (as presented by the fact that you can't get close to it). This way you don't need to reload until you *can* reload.   

       ...for some strange reason, this reminds me of the cover art for Riven. Not really the same at all, though.
jellydoughnut, Aug 25 2006


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