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Taxi-assisted Ambulance

As soon as issue address is known, taxi is dispatched at the same time, to pick up injured and drive towards approaching ambulance, nearly twice shortening help arrival times.
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Usually, when ambulance is called, only the ambulance arrives. In this new world, taxi services develop a feature "pick up and chase", that allows to pick up a passenger, and chase a moving target.

The hospitals and incidents managers could have an option then to dispatch both taxi and the ambulance.

The abundance of taxis around cities would mean that arrival times could be shortened nearly two times.

Note: I could call it "Pick up and Chase" service, that's not limited to ambulances, but the application for emergencies being the most obvious and meaningful, just naming the idea that way.

Inyuki, Nov 12 2020

Kessler syndrome https://en.wikipedi...ki/Kessler_syndrome
" ... a cascade in which each collision ...increases the likelihood of further collisions." [8th of 7, Nov 12 2020]

Floral_20tribute_20...lisation_20protocol [hippo, Nov 12 2020]

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       I'm not entirely sure that, following a serious incident, I'd receive the best possible care by having my bleeding, horribly injured body shoved into the back of a taxi by a stressed, non-medically-trained cabbie who, I assume, would still want to charge me for the journey and be grumpy if I didn't tip.

I suppose at least you didn't suggest using Uber drivers.

//taxi is dispatched ... to pick up injured and drive towards approaching ambulance// - I forsee a sharp rise in the frequency of taxi/ambulance crashes.
hippo, Nov 12 2020

       // rise in the frequency of taxi/ambulance crashes. //   

       Well, at least there will be an ambulance there to attend to the injured ...   

       It is possible to foresee a sort of automotive Kessler cascade, where a single taxi-ambulance collision initiates the immediate dispatch of additional ambulances and taxis to the scene, resulting in yet more crashes, more calls to the emergency services, and eventually all the available taxis and ambulances in the vicinity are piled up in a mangled heap of twisted metal, blood, detached body parts, and burning fuel.   

       Excellent, [marked-for-implementation], [+]
8th of 7, Nov 12 2020

       Yes, quite - similar to the scenario of grieving relative carnage described in the linked idea
hippo, Nov 12 2020

       // Kessler syndrome   

       So, I picture an army of Agent Smiths all piling on top of the Neo.
Inyuki, Nov 12 2020

       // Excellent, [marked-for-implementation], [+]   

       Roger. Dispatching the busy bees to add moving target as destination option to all major taxi apps.
Inyuki, Nov 12 2020

       Instead of a Motorbike and sidecar (seldom seen these days) how about a Motorbike & Side Stretcher?
xenzag, Nov 12 2020

       Baked in WW2, by the Wehrmacht. The Luftwaffe version was unpopular with customers, and the Kriegsmarine version was disastrous, particularly with U-boats.
8th of 7, Nov 12 2020

       Double deck stretchers for multiple casualties?
xenzag, Nov 12 2020

       // Double deck stretchers for multiple casualties //   

       Certainly; if you intend to cause multiple casualties, double-deck stretchers are an obvious method of achieving that outcome. It's not good news if you're already injured, though.
8th of 7, Nov 12 2020

       // it makes more sense to go all the way to hospital// - what about if all taxi drivers were given several years of medical training?
hippo, Nov 12 2020

       <Cymbal sting/>   

       We're still trying to work out a way of getting the (UK)* fire service involved ... getting taxis to transport the fire to the fire service instead of leaving it where it is, causing trouble. After all, the PIRA used to use hijacked taxis to deploy their IEDs.   

       *We are aware that in the USA, the paramedic service and the fire service are often one and the same.
8th of 7, Nov 12 2020


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