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Taxi Colors

Making them easier to spot.
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Taxis should be painted in the least popular and most noticible paint colors among the cars in the city.

In most instances, this really isn't neccessary but in is needed in some cities. For example, in my town, Perth Australia, almost all taxis are white in color, regardless of company or name (eg. Black & White Taxis...aren't). This might be okay, but there is an abnormally large percentage of normal white colored cars on the roads, and can make finding a taxi confusing and annoying.

By following this code, taxi finding would be much easier, and make them much easier to spot.

I suggest using colors like yellow (the classic NYC cab color), green, light blue, orange, pink, purple and anything flourescent.

Black would be another great color, but it looks better on creepy government agency cars.

mrkillboy, Sep 20 2000

the Yellow cab company http://www.yellowcab.com.au/
they're not yellow [neilp, Jan 19 2006]


       Baked, steamed, stir-fried, burnt to a crisp. Most Taxicabs are yellow or red in the U.S. of A..Maybe you can get some drugs off of Amadeus to change your perception of the color or taste of the taxi.
thumbwax, Sep 20 2000

       I've never seen a red taxi in Florida, despite working at the local major airport; most of them are yellow or black and white.
StarChaser, Sep 21 2000

       There's a cab company here in chicago that drives bright orange cabs, they're called WOLLEY. (Yellow spelled backwards) Maybe they're all disgruntled ex-employees?
koz, Sep 21 2000

       In London most (licenced) taxis are black, but the things that makes them really obvious is that they're a kind of car that no one else drives.
hippo, Sep 22 2000

       A good fraction of SF taxis seem to have adopted "body wrap" advertising. This particular innovation hasn't spread to Seattle yet, though.
egnor, Sep 23 2000

       I don't know about you, but I find the large light bracket on the roof with TAXI written on it a good recognition aid.
Bronzewing, Jan 19 2006

       I saw these [link] the other day, and found myself puzzled. Why would a company called the Yellow cab company order all their cabs, stationery and advertising to be orange?
neilp, Jan 19 2006


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