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Tea Bag Maximiser

Insert Teabag, plop in water and let it maximise your teabag
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Ever get sick of never getting the same great cup of tea time after time ? With this device you could choose a setting and be guaranteed the same great taste every time!

Insert your teabag into the teabag clasp which is filled with holes to allow water in and out. The clasp is on the end of a rod, and the end of the rod attached to the motor / gear mechanism.

The motion when in water will be to rotate it about in the water as well as vibrate. These settings can be chosen on a timer for different settings, weak, medium, strong, MaXimised etc.

This way the family member who makes the manky tea cannot get out of this mundane task - they need simply to use the Teabag Maximiser and the appropriate setting.

meggabrain, Sep 09 2005

Non-motorized version http://www.fogdog.c...p?productId=1160626
...one of very many. [DrCurry, Sep 09 2005]

googled pig http://www.google.n...Google+zoeken&meta=
why did I do that? [zeno, Sep 10 2005]

Use loose leaf tea instead http://www.nbtea.co.uk/
Have managed to cut down - I only have 18 varieties in the house now... [moomintroll, Sep 11 2005]


       //filled with holes//   

       How surreal!
squeak, Sep 09 2005

       //filled with holes// Is the degree of hole-filledness measured in "Blackburn"s or "Albert Hall"s ?
One blackburn = 250 micro-Alberts
coprocephalous, Sep 09 2005

       6 * 10^23 Blackburn = 1 Howard
Detly, Sep 09 2005

       [coproc] - it took me a while to decide how many holes would actually fill the clasp. I had to pour out a pile of holes approximately the same size as a wet tea-bag then times it by two to allow room for the 'swishing' effect.
meggabrain, Sep 09 2005

       There are plenty of tea pots with such devices, only not motorized. If you have done any research to show that these result in better cups of tea even when utilized by incompetents (your siblings?), then maybe you'll get a bun. Otherwise, I'm afraid I have to withhold my vote.
DrCurry, Sep 09 2005

       [zeno] haha.   

       [googlepig] //manky tea// ??? Dictionary.com says "inferior and worthless"
chocolateraindrops, Sep 10 2005

       Put the teabag in in the cup . Forget about it.
Best Tea Ever!.
gnomethang, Sep 10 2005

       [gnomethang] I do that too!! And it works [googlepig]   

       Only, dont forget it toooo long, otherwise you get that thin layer of god-knows-what floating above!!
chocolateraindrops, Sep 10 2005


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