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Tea Piston

Squeezable Tea Leaf Holder
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Whenever I make tea I use two spoons, so that when I take the tea bag out I can squeeze the bag to get all the tasty, tasty liquid out, but this means I have to wash a lot more spoons, drag, so heres my idea. A small device, similar to a hypodermic needle, but with a body made of mesh screen, somthing like a tea ball or straner, you place the tea in the device (screwed open I'ed assume), place it in the cup, pour in the water, allow to steepe, remove the device, push down the plunger (its a needle like device, remember) to squeeze out the liquid, and then empty out the container, viola, tea and clean spoons!
Hirudinea, Jun 09 2009

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Addressing the same need. [jutta, Jun 09 2009]

anything with a needle like device would be the devil to clean http://coffeetea.ab.../teastrainers_2.htm
[po, Jun 10 2009]

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just wot you need for a single cuppa! [xenzag, Jun 10 2009]


       Yep your right, but thinking about it my tea piston would also work with loose tea, kind of like those French coffee presses, but smaller and leakier.
Hirudinea, Jun 09 2009

       How did the viola get there, and why does it need to be emptied?
shudderprose, Jun 10 2009

       //my tea piston would also work with loose tea//
Unfortunately, for loose tea this is extremely baked and Very Widely Known to Exist (At least in civilised, tea drinking countries).
gnomethang, Jun 10 2009

       "Tea Piston: We Piston the Tea!"
bungston, Jun 10 2009

       /How did the viola get there/   

       I think that is an anglicization of "wolla".
bungston, Jun 10 2009


       hee hee hee
nomocrow, Jun 11 2009

       // Piston broke//   

       Me too.
coprocephalous, Jun 11 2009

       Tea has natural antibacterial properties and the hot water will kill things in any case. Just don't wash the spoons.
vincevincevince, Jun 16 2009

       I have a tea bag removal tool, they're simple tongs with a miniature sieve for each paw, which quite efficiently squeezes and removes the tea bag.   

       So long as you don't get milk on it, it doesn't need washing.
mitxela, Jun 16 2009


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