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Teacher Incentive Program

Earning your students wages
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Teachers divide up 1% of their students earnings. Due to the Social Security Number the government knows how much each person makes (more or less) every year and you are taxed accordingly. Teachers can also be tracked with their SS#. Perhaps the gov't could then record the future incomes of every student a teacher has had. Once that student earns an income, one percent of it is taxed off and re-distributed to each teacher in proportion to the amount of time they taught the child. That way a good teacher who has taught for ten years and had hundreds of students could have a nice pension. Teachers would not be penalized for non-earning students (starving artists). However teaching the arts may have added value (One Britney Spears and you could retire).
lbunting, Nov 28 2001


       A school is essentially dependant on teamwork, I am probably personally responsible for five hundred prison inmates or more in one way or another, because of this, am I going to LOSE a chunk of my pay?
po, Nov 28 2001

       If the pyramid scheme was a possibility then that would make everyone want to be a teacher. This would make teaching a competitive market which ultimately would be a good thing. Would it be bad if everyone wanted to be a teacher instead of a rock star or a lawyer.
lbunting, Nov 28 2001

       I guess the student bonus would have to be non-transferrable then. You would only get 1% of the teachers regular wages.
lbunting, Nov 28 2001

       What about substitute teachers? What stops a school board from implementing a constant rotation of teachers to ensure every teacher has every student at least once? What about Special Ed. teachers? Phys. Ed. teachers?   

       What if I didn't like a teacher? Or felt that I didn't learn anything particularly useful from a teacher?
phoenix, Nov 28 2001

       [PeterSealy]: I am really interested in knowing which states forgive student loans for teachers. Do you know which ones or where you might have encountered that info? Thx.
bristolz, Nov 29 2001

       your daughter's work will be so much more rewarding, helping children who might other wise not attain too much. I have a friend who works in a private (fee paying school0 and she says that her sweet charges will probably not deem to speak to her a few years down the line.
po, Dec 03 2001

       yes Steve, sorry I had forgotten the 'plot' but isn't it sad.
po, Dec 03 2001

       And those who can't teach teach phys. ed., was how it we had it...
snarfyguy, Dec 04 2001

       What if the remedial class teachers got an extra incentive instead? Like extra pay or more bonus pay and time off. That way more teachers would want to work in the trenches. This way the teachers that teach the elite would have greater chances of getting a Frank Lloyd Write and the remedial teachers would be better off because they would have a little more money in their pocket to begin with.
barnzenen, Dec 04 2001

       But that's just it. This would put more money in the industry. More teachers would apply to teach and there would be a higher standard in the system. Yes people would be competing for the advanced classes but the trickle down would have a positive effect on all the depts.
lbunting, Dec 04 2001

       It often seems that students succeed in spite of their teachers rather than because of them. Here in UK, it is now possible for a person to qualify as a specialist history teacher even if he has not studied the subject since age 14. Around the time of this decision, the head of the main teachers' union criticized the notion of giving more responsibility to classroom assistants because they are not qualified.
Teachers (and parents) can only take credit for children's success if they are also prepared to take blame for their failure.
angel, Dec 05 2001

       This is even better than the Dukakis student loan program, indebtedness based on ability to pay.
LoriZ, Dec 05 2001


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