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Telescopic display for laptop

Stop bowing to your laptop. You are the master!
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[update:baked before posted here. just didnt know] [update : check the linky for illustration]


On the laptop, the display and keyboard and the screen are too near to each other. So you only have a choice between having a neck ache and Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

Proposed solution:

Mount the laptop screen on two telescopic tubes. The tubes can contain the LVDS and power cables. Thus, when the lid is open, the screen position is adjustable.

One major problem that can occur is the laptop would topple over thanks to the centre of gravity swaying too far from the centre. So the solution is to make the bottom of the laptop a bit extensible as well like some old laptops used to. that would counteract the lever effect and keep the laptop, well, on your lap. You might as well add some weight to the bottom of your laptop, but that would reduce the marketability.

[I later noticed this problem has been already tried to be tackled back in 2000 !! check the "gooseneck laptop" idea in the same category]

kamathln, Feb 14 2009

illustration http://lankerisms.b...ort-for-laptop.html
[kamathln, Feb 15 2009]

[This idea was baked] Flybook http://www.flybook.com/vm.html
Wish I knew [kamathln, Jul 03 2010]

IBM's prior art http://priorartdata...com/IPCOM/000133064
Wish I knew [kamathln, Jul 03 2010]

Gratuitous vageuely related cross posting Pop-up_20Sprinkler_...d_20Laptop_20Camera
[normzone, Jul 03 2010]


       Funnily enough, a couple of nights ago I dreamed that my laptop screen was detachable and had its own stand. Quite a banal dream really.
wagster, Feb 14 2009

       [+]'d it, but you realize that as soon as you do that it isn't a "laptop" anymore: if it was it'd fall over.
FlyingToaster, Feb 14 2009

       FlyingToaster: I'd thought of the centre of gravity problem, forgot to add to main idea. Check the idea again. I fixed it.
kamathln, Feb 14 2009

       I have a set of Logitech cordless inputs as well (keyboard and mouse). The idea is, telescopic screens can be taken to places where you cant take your cordless inputs. I keep my Asus EEE Pc in my bag along with my books and carry it on crowded buses and trains, use it in parks. With telescopic screen, i don't have to worry about detaching things off or anything,   

       Swing, Pull up to open.   

       Push down, Swing to Close.   

       Thats it. Easy right ? What's more?, you even have the option of not pulling the screen up if thats gonna be trouble.
kamathln, Feb 14 2009

       new - check link for illustration.
kamathln, Feb 15 2009

       baked. check link
kamathln, Jul 04 2010

       the link is for a straight up from the edge thing... it'd be pretty bad on your eyes: I like your idea of an extensible case, that way the screen could be a bit further away.
FlyingToaster, Jul 04 2010


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