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Tempered LCD

Fewer expensive paperweights
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LCDs area great, but they're very fragile compared to big old CRTs. The panel is made of two panes of rather thin glass, which easily crack under pressure. Let's make them more durable by tempering the glass.

By heat treating or chemically treating the glass, it becomes much tougher and more resistant to breaking. Gaming controllers mistakenly cast at the television will bounce off harmlessly instead of shattering the poor display.

Aq_Bi, Jan 19 2011

Gorilla Glass coming to TVs near you in 2011 http://www.engadget...s-near-you-in-2011/
Corning has recently announced plans to massively expand its production capacity [of Gorilla glass] and is now predicting it'll secure its first deal this fall. [xaviergisz, Jan 19 2011, last modified Jan 20 2011]


       I seem to recall that the iPhone has a tempered glass screen.
Spacecoyote, Jan 19 2011

       The iPhone merely has a tempered faceplate. The LCD itself is plain untempered glass.
Aq_Bi, Jan 19 2011

       And the Iphone explodes at -10 degrees celcius.
zeno, Jan 19 2011

       Gorilla Glass is the same thing: a tempered cover over an untempered LCD. I propose tempering the actual LCD glass.
Aq_Bi, Jan 20 2011

       I always thought that the LCD on an iPhone was plastic covered by Gorilla glass. But now that I think about it an untempered glass LCD would explain why iPhone screens tend to crack after 1 foot drops despite the "indestructible Gorilla glass". So +1 I guess.
DIYMatt, Jan 20 2011

       This is why you wear the provided wrist strap.
RayfordSteele, Jan 20 2011


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