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Tempest Scow

Barge Bound Turbine Array
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A principle problem in wind power generation is surface area. Where the hell are you going to put all those turbines?

One answer is offshore windfarms, which Greenpeace seems to be all for...What!? Greenpeace supports a forest of giant metal poles disrupting undersea habitat? For shame...

The solution: The Tempest Scow, a Massively Mobile Outlying Radial Power Generator. (MMORPG for short)

A magnanimous multitude of wind turbines are arrayed upon a criss-cross catamaranic barge. Its colossal size minimizes adverse gyroscopic affects of the waves beneath.

Anchored at the front end, the barge's tail drifts downwind, assuring optimal turbine-wind perpindicularity.

The Tempest Scow may be towed to various locale depending on time of year or current conditions to maximize output.

With super durable construction techniques the Tempest Scow can even be dropped off in front of approaching tropical storms and capture some of that incredible energy.

Laimak, Jul 26 2005

A [disrupted undersea habitat] http://www.divesite...enture_oil_rig.html
Read: condos for fish and other sea life [normzone, Jul 26 2005]

(?) and another... http://www.tpwd.sta...images/grdprize.jpg
[normzone, Jul 26 2005]

Windhunter http://www.windhunter.org
[Laimak, Apr 17 2007]


       Have you ever been scuba diving? [giant metal poles] become homes for active communitys of critters.   

       A [+] for your idea, but the bottom of your barge [disrupts undersea habitats] as much as any pole, merely at a shallower depth.
normzone, Jul 26 2005

       Laimak, are you any relation to HAK and BALIKEKMEK?
waugsqueke, Jul 27 2005

       The "disrupting undersea habitats" was besides the point of the idea.   

       Point taken, however.   

       [waug]: No, I can't say I am.
Laimak, Jul 27 2005

       //catamaranic barge// Sounds like a medical procedure to me.   

       Also I suppose you could use those generators that are powered by waves, unless I dreamt of them. [+]
pooduck, Jul 27 2005

       Looks like this is being baked. -Link
Laimak, Apr 17 2007


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