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Tennis Shoe Ladder

No more dark scuff marks on your wall
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When visiting a tennis court, you are sometimes required to wear shoes with white rubber soles to avoid unsightly dark marks appearing on the court surface.

I propose they use the same white rubber in place of the black rubber footings and stoppers on the 'feet and hands' of a folding ladder. This would, presumably, cut down on the dark scuff marks that show up on walls when using a folding ladder in the 180° extension, and also when 'clanging down the hall' with the unwieldy equipment swaying out of control.

not_only_but_also, Apr 19 2014


       What if you have black walls?
pocmloc, Apr 19 2014

       I think the white rubber is the natural color. To get black ladder rubber that makes scuffs you have to add carbon black. This might help against UV, but I don't recall any warnings about white wall tyres perishing, so I doubt this would be a significant factor in ladder rubber.   

       Seeing as there's (perhaps) nothing added to white rubber, maybe it wouldn't make marks, or might make more benign and wipeable marks. [+]
skoomphemph, Apr 19 2014

       As with automotive tires, the carbon is added for longevity and the black color is deepened by vulcanization, or something along those lines.   

       You can get a variety of non-scuffing ladder bumpers from McMaster-Carr and Gempler's. It would be nice to have them come standard, however.
Alterother, Apr 19 2014

       Perhaps we should all redecorate using black rubber wallpaper?
pocmloc, Apr 19 2014

       Inflatable black rubber wallpaper!   

       But that's a different idea again, isn't it?
skoomphemph, Apr 19 2014


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