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Ladder Lamp

a ladder that doubles up as a lava lamp
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Ladders are useful, but in a small appartment or bedsit, they take up space and are not a particularly attractive item. Ladder Lamp solves this problem by fusing the features of a ladder and a lava lamp into one combined item.

When not in use to climb up the walls, the lava lamp feature can be switched on and the ladder deployed in its decorative function. Composed of toughened glass, supported by a reinforced structure, Ladder Lamp is resistant to damage incurred by normal everyday use.

See simple illustration.

xenzag, Feb 18 2020

Ladder Lamp https://sodabred.tu...-an-idea-for-a-lava
[xenzag, Feb 18 2020]


       I love it. I want it. I'd buy it, you are a genius.
blissmiss, Feb 18 2020

       You're too kind. I would of course love to be in a position to oblige.
xenzag, Feb 18 2020

       Clever and artsy at the same time. Bun!
whatrock, Feb 19 2020

       Awesome. Enjoy warm loaves [+]
21 Quest, Feb 19 2020

       halfbakery ideas with lava lamps
pashute, Feb 20 2020

       I have others.... they can wait.
xenzag, Feb 20 2020

       Nice. Can the rungs be flow paths? The sides might need some heat controlling diverters.   

       Also, trying to have different coloured lavas but only a specific lava to a specific rung would be a scientific challenge.
wjt, Feb 23 2020

       Already upgrades, and nice ones at that. Probably cost more...hahaha.
blissmiss, Feb 23 2020

       //Can the rungs be flow paths?// That leads to complications, the main one being making them strong enough to use for climbing on. The beauty of a lava lamp is its simplicity and purity of colour.
xenzag, Feb 23 2020

       If the heater is at the bottom of one side, and the liquid convects up that side - along with the coloured "blobs" - then the descending stream of cooler fluid on the non-heated side will pull the flow through the rungs, if they are hollow. Hollow rungs might actually be stronger than solid ones.   

       [wjt] is right about the challenge of separating the colours.   

       <Re-reads last sentence/>   

       <Tries to determine if [wjt] not only writing lucidly, but being right about something, is some sort of hallucination/>   

       <Fails, decides to continue anyway/>   

       Making the blobs immisicible in the carrier fluid is a known technology. Having blobs of different colours that are immiscible not only with the carrier, but also each other, and have different coefficients of expansion - giving different densities at a given temperature - is "a bit more difficult".   

       <Re-reads sentence about [wjt] being right/>   

       <Initiates immediate all-systems full diagnostic/>
8th of 7, Feb 23 2020


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