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"did you see that?"
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Terrorscope is a conventional telescope that has a built in feature: it plays fake footage of convincing UFOs superimposed on whatever part of the sky is being observed.

note: only works at night; action triggered by hidden remote; comes with a choice of alien craft, trajectories etc.

xenzag, Oct 02 2010

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       This would be perfect for pay telescopes, if there still are such things. A nastier version, for the observation decks of skyscrapers would show an airplane flying low, directly towards the viewer.
mouseposture, Oct 02 2010


       Is today faux day?
I never get the memo.

       Don't we still have movies? How is this better?
Boomershine, Oct 02 2010

       The problem with this idea is.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 03 2010

       I was expecting a political rant. [+]
Voice, Oct 03 2010

       So was I. [-]
Boomershine, Oct 03 2010


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