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Terrorscopic Walking Stick

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Walking alone can be a frightening experience, but not if you come equipped with Terrorscopic Walking Stick. This is because this walking stick can be pointed at the ground immediately in front of any would be assailant, and project an image there calculated to cause instant terror.

It can do this because contained in its digital memory are highly realistic representations of numerous varieties of gaping chasms and other vertiginous encounters. Some are of moving images, like a mattress seething with all manner of voracious insect life. Others have continuously altering parallax, calculated to confuse and startle. All are intended to arrest and distract the intentions of those approaching with malice as their motive.

The entire apparatus needed to deliver the images is easily stored in the shaft of Terrorscopic Walking Stick, access being facilitated by a couple of buttons on the top handle. The images are naturally projected at the very tip. Appropriate sound effects are extra of course.

xenzag, Jul 24 2015


       Somehow I think the effect would be lost on cobblestone or gravel surfaces.
RayfordSteele, Jul 24 2015

       But not on the walls......
xenzag, Jul 24 2015


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