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Tesla unidirectional valve as more effective catalytic converter

Tesla (unidirectional) valve as catalytic converter shape could cause longer duration of catalytic converter activity during early activity when convertables are higher quantity
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The tesla valve is a unidrectional flow tube with lots of swirl chambers, They are visually nifty, so it is nifty to view the link if you have not heard of them [link]

I think that the amplified duration of dwell time of exhaust would cause existing catalytic converter technology to have longer to convert pollution into CO2

Also, I read that early exhaust has more pollution, because the engine is just starting, so the tesla valve catalytic converter could possibly be better at converting early exhaust.

The shapes of the tesla valve chamber could be adjusted with research to optimize duration of of the exhaust meeting the catalytic converter catalyst, possibly making catalytic converters cheaper as they could be made with less catalyst material

beanangel, Sep 30 2016

tesla valve video https://www.youtube...watch?v=rYlP5TEKf2w
[beanangel, Sep 30 2016]


       May I recommend the category product: [general] ?
normzone, Oct 01 2016

       I believe the reason for the potency of exhaust fumes immediately after starting an engine is because the catalyst is ineffective when cold. As thermal energy is supplied only by the fumes themselves, the catalyst takes several minutes to warm up. An electric heater might be the solution here.   

       Also, using a Tesla valve on an exhaust system would greatly increase the back pressure, which may be undesirable for the engine.
Aq_Bi, Oct 02 2016

       If you're not using the one-way property of the Tesla valve (which you're not, because you're using it exclusively in reverse), you might as well just use some other flow- resisting structure, such as baffles, that's easier to build.
notexactly, Oct 03 2016


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