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Simplification Of The Torture.
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Before this waffle begins, I would like to explain I have been trying in vain to submit a thought to improve texting. Because I shrink from this crippling arthritic gnarled finger creating torture, whereby more of my time is spent correcting wrongly entered lettering. The conclusion was, why not be able to speak text messages into the phone then instead of letting my fingers do the walking, let my voice do the typing....?

In answer to the rush of " HA,ha. This has already been done" howls of derision arrive, along with cries of "Haven't you heard of Vibre?" etc I say Why isn't voice entry, text messaging already out there?....

The real battle with any idea is promotion. Some cell phone manufacturers advise "We welcome your thoughts," with others it is more an up yours attitude.....

So, what is my bleat? Quite simply, it is that A half bakery black list of sites is created listing those promoting they welcome an idea by inviting it to be written in the space provided, ask you to add your email while the idea you have submitted is whisked away never to be seen again as you grapple to make head or tale of the simple to follow logging on process.

Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 18 2012

What a Nigerian accent sounds like http://accent.gmu.e...detail&speakerid=60
[ytk, Sep 19 2012]


       Take this bone and go back to hell for making me read this [-].
leinypoo13, Sep 18 2012

       For someone who doesn't like text you sure wrote more than necessary. I don't think voice to text is very popular because people like to text in a certain way and they like to talk in a certain way. However I too dislike typing on the tiny keyboard. Although, I bone your idea to make an example of you. Tell the rest what you saw here, and remember the lessons of this day.
rcarty, Sep 18 2012

       I think I get the message.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 19 2012

       The idea is just obfuscated by noise. If you make the stated idea more clear then the possibility of buns increases greatly.
rcarty, Sep 19 2012

       What is this? The ability have your phone transcribe your voice into text in order to send a text message? I can do that already with Siri on my iPhone.   

       But then it veers off into some sort of blacklist concept for sites that apparently take your comments but never actually implement your ideas?   

       To top it all off, it's posted in other: [general].   

       Yeah, I'm afraid I have to give you a [-] just on principle. Having seen some of your other posts here, I know you can do better than this. Are you drunk or something?
ytk, Sep 19 2012

       Unlikely, as drunk people are usually somewhat entertaining.
rcarty, Sep 19 2012

       Remember kids... always prcatice safe text.   

       In reverse, I once received a *verbal* text message on my home answering machine. It was a computerized voice and it stated that it was a text message! (totally weird)
xandram, Sep 19 2012

       //Vague nigerian accent in the computer voice.//   

       Oooh, a flimsy justification for linking to one of the coolest sites on the Internet!
ytk, Sep 19 2012

       //I once received a verbal text message.// Would that differ to receiving oral text, or should Bill Clinton be the one to approach to clarify that?
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 19 2012

       I did not have textual relations with that woman.
rcarty, Sep 19 2012

       Ha, ha.
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 20 2012

       [Lesser Spotted], could I ask you to re-word the last sentence? I understand the first paragraph. I agree with the second - I thought Siri did this, or is that the point you're making? I'm not clear we're going in the same direction by paragraph three, but there's something about the last sentence of paragraph four that I honestly can't get my head around.   

       Sorry if that comes across as mean or rude. I've not voted either way.   

       [edit] Got it, on the third or fourth re-reading.   

       How about: "I propose a Halfbakery blacklist, identifying cell phone manufacturers who claim to welcome suggestions, but actually take no notice of any ideas submitted."
david_scothern, Sep 20 2012

       Never been so confused.
blissmiss, Sep 22 2012

       That it's called textmaniacs and it's style of writing is as it is, is probably intentional
rcarty, Sep 22 2012


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