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Spellcheck Profiles

for typing in different venues
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On a site like the HB, spellcheck is important. In some chat forums, it matters, too. This is where a good, learning auto-correct program can really be helpful. But in most casual chatrooms and online games, auto-correct really effs up abbreviations and chat lingo.

So my idea is for a smartphone app that lets you assign a profile to each of your bookmarked websites and all of your online games. A simple ON/OFF toggle for the auto-correct feature in your phone's text programming. Set it, and it stays that way for that site or game until changed manually again.

That is all.

21 Quest, Feb 26 2010


       Anything that discourages mental spelling rigour is a bad thing.
pocmloc, Feb 26 2010

       Not when you're speaking in code during a game for the sake of speed and efficiency, or typing usernames that the spellcheck doesn't recognize, and the auto-correct feature keeps messing it up. Your user name, for instance, is an auto-correct nightmare.
21 Quest, Feb 26 2010

       "Did you mean to say 'there' ?"
FlyingToaster, Feb 27 2010


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