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The 3/4 Baker's Club

Halfbakers who've taken it a quarter-step further
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I propose a club for those halfbakers who have submitted ideas for inventions, and then actually followed through by building prototypes. There could be a roster with members' names, which would also be linked to the original idea, as well as to pictures of the idea's implementation.

Obviously, it's interesting to read the ideas posted here. But it would be absolutely fascinating to see some of these ideas brought to life, to hear how the builders did it, and how they worked in practice.

Guncrazy, Oct 24 2001

Guerrilla Halfbakers: Risking life and limb for the cause. http://www.halfbake...rrilla_20Halfbakers
(not our own, mind you) [beauxeault, Oct 24 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Alarm Lamp http://www.halfbake...m/idea/alarm_20lamp
Why Steve DeGroof should be president of the Ÿ-baker's club. [cp, Oct 24 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       I thought it would be to do with PeterSealy saying baked... but UB's idea is more funny...   

       That said a page with pics of baked ideas and links back to the ideas themselves would be interesting...
RobertKidney, Oct 24 2001

       Thanks for the links, waugsqueke & beauxeault. I love the goldfish necklace, and have committed myself to joining the Guerilla Pedantry movement. If there's anything I love more than new ideas, it's seeing people trying to implement them.   

       The "club" I proposed wouldn't even have to be a "real club". I'd just like a quick reference to those ideas that have been tried by fellow .5bakers, with links to the results of those experiments. I just don't have the time (or maybe, I just don't have the patience) to wade through every idea, and every link, to see which ones have been attempted.   

       Perhaps those ideas which have been tried can be marked somehow. And maybe the best of those attempts can be voted into a "Hall of Fame". Then, at the end of the year, those items which are deemed most worthy can be recognized on a new T-Shirt, which we can purchase to support this place, one of the best (and most addictive) sites on the net.
Guncrazy, Oct 24 2001

       But if you 3/4 bake a 1/2 baked idea, it will only be .375 baked!
snarfyguy, Oct 25 2001

       If an idea is already 1/2-baked, and you then 3/4-bake it, surely it becomes 3/4-baked. I mean, if you're half-way down the street, and you then go 3/4 of the way down the street, where are you?
angel, Oct 25 2001

       Would this club have any members besides Steve DeGroof (who baked two ideas) and gnormal?
cp, Oct 25 2001

       [Snarfguy]: If an idea is 1/2 baked, and you bake it an extra quarter, it becomes 3/4 baked.   

       [Unabubba]: If you hit a goose with a .375, what's left would be more fit for stir fry than baking...if you could even find the scraps.   

       [angel]: The Twilight Zone.   

       [cp]: Well, I'd probably start work on my Disciplinary Child Seat...or is that the reason this idea got fishboned?
Guncrazy, Oct 25 2001

       [UB] that would depend on how you hit it... I imagine that hiting it over the head with it wouln't have quite the same effect...
RobertKidney, Oct 27 2001

       Sure that may be nice to upload pictures of working inventions.
travbm, Nov 02 2015


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