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The Atmospheric Jukebox

Jukebox that plays songs based on "mood" or atmosphere of a room or location.
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The Atmospheric Jukebox, uses highly advanced atmosphere detection systems, works out the emotional "mood" of a room or area and plays appropiate music.

For example, if someone is sitting at the bar and is depressed, depressing music is played. A marriage propsal: romantic music. A team victory: Queen's "We Are the Champions".

If it looks like a fight's gonna break out, tense music is played. If it does, fast, loud "fighting" music is played.

Of course, options can be fiddled around, and ironic equivalents could play instead, or be ajusted to detect whether someone's gonna start a musical-sing-a-long interlude.

mrkillboy, Aug 27 2000

Film Noir Home http://www.halfbake...0Home#967257110-2-1
[f_kedge, Aug 27 2000]

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Delivery system for the same idea. [jutta, Aug 27 2000]


       Could definitely be combined with Film Noir Home idea for a complete "meta-fictional" world above this one. Little floating speakers everywhere create a vast cacophony of person-specific narration and mood-proper musical accompaniment. Perhaps we can finally realize the dream of the global, round-the-clock film-noir musical.
f_kedge, Aug 30 2000


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