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The Big Parade

Galvanize public sentiment in the Mideast by establishing an annual Big Parade.
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From the early days of big-spending, hard-fighting, and boundlessly enthusiastic governments, public spectacles galvanized public opinion in support of the sacrifices demanded of people by their governments. Many modern students only know of the glories of ancient civilization by how large were the parades and how lavish the celebrations of victory or deliverance.

The American military should seize on this Idea, and rush forward in preparation of a massive and awe-inspiring military parade through Baghdad. Giant tractors, scud missile trophies, tanks, massed infantry, generals, Shriners, and impressive air power would drop jaws by the tens of thousands.

Sure, a few non compos mentis thugs will try to ignite demonstrations or divert attention from the big parade. By way of advance reply to self-immolating theatrics, people might say:
Who watches them now? Who will watch them then?

reensure, Dec 05 2005


       I think an aircraft carrier with the President would be good. Perhaps with a sign behind him...
RayfordSteele, Sep 24 2007


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