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The Boozeboard

A keyboard with a built in breathalyser to prevent people (like me) posting rubbish when they're drunk
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This morning I woke up with a headache and the horrible realisation that I'd almust certainly offended someone, somewhere on the web.

A keyboard with a breath alcohol level tester built in could work three ways.

1 - Stops working completely until your alcohol level falls below a predetermined point.

2 - Randomly mixes up what you're typing so that you think you're more drunk than you are, and go to bed.

3 - Inserts a disclaimer into whatever you're typing ie "Please be aware that user: (your name here) is legally intoxicated whilst typing this message. The opinions expressed here are not neccessarily the opinions of (your name here) when sober, and as such should not be treated with any more than the contempt they deserve."

fudspong, Feb 07 2004

Stupidity Blocker http://www.halfbake...Stupidity_20Blocker
Same thing. [kropotkin, Oct 04 2004]

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       I post my bexxdtt stuff whennnn I'm drung, actually in fact so make thisa at yuor perial, my friend. and this thisng ab I'll fight you m. +
Fishrat, Feb 07 2004

       A good idea, which is why we've had it before: see the Stupidity Blocker (link).
kropotkin, Feb 07 2004

       Damn - and there I was thinking I was on to something (!) - on reading about the Stupidity Blocker, it seems that the problem is much more common than previously thought. Sorry everyone!
fudspong, Feb 07 2004

       //Damn - and there I was thinking I was on to something (!)// Don't feel bat zee ozer didel wass reely stupi, stupi, stupi, ... nossosmart.
kbecker, Feb 07 2004

       A bun for this one, which I call the Keyboard Breathalyzer. [+]
nuclear hobo, Apr 27 2007


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