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Sponge Keyboard!

Fall asleep at the office and escape the dreaded keyboard-face!
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First of all if some one has already "half baked" this idea let me know and ill put it in the bin.

Last night I went out with my work buddy Charlie, and after a night of heavy drinking (of biblical proportions) we woke up in someone’s house, checked each other over for kidney scars and left to find the rock club and my car.

We found it remarkably quickly and got in and drove to work, when we arrived our hangovers were in full swing and after an hour and a half I noticed Charlie was asleep in his cubicle on his keyboard.

So naturally I did what any one else would do when they see a friend asleep at work. I crept over with the intention to draw on his face. (I was going to go with a cat face whiskers and all.) However, as I sneaked closer he moved and I noticed he had a keyboard imprint on his face.

Not only would he wake up its a sore face, but should our boss see him (even with out the cat face) he would surely know he has been napping.

So couldn’t the keys and casing be made from a foam or sponge? With the thin membrane inside, (if you don’t know what this is unscrew the back of your keyboard,) so it would still act as a keyboard, yet have pillow like properties? You could also roll them up for easy storage!

Loma, Sep 26 2005

Roll up keyboard http://www.insyncco.../Rollakeybdboth.jpg
[half, Sep 26 2005]

inflatable keyboard pillow by [xyg] inflatable_20keyboard_20pillow
Alternate approach to the same problem [krelnik, Sep 26 2005]


       I'm beginning to detect a theme to your postings. And it's not sponge.
wagster, Sep 26 2005

       Somehow, I prefer the idea of people waking up with keyboard face. Can we get pillow molds to imprint customized things on your face while you sleep?
DrCurry, Sep 26 2005


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