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The Breast Book

Celebrating the diversity of the funbags
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The pages of the book are made from a stiff thin latex. Each page is an actual 3D cast of a breast - the inside part being hollow.

Page one has the biggest breast and feels somewhat natural to the touch. Page two has a slightly smaller breast, continuing onwards to the last page which is quite a small one. Each smaller breast page fits in behind the larger breast, so as that a thirty page 'Mammory Manual' could fit entirely in the space of a 38 DD.

Each page is of course skin tone and as mentioned the smaller breasts behind the page you are on would allow the feeling of 'firmness' when you squeeze.

You could somehow add information regarding the owners of the breasts - perhaps even a celebrity breast book with money raised going to charity.

benfrost, Apr 16 2001

Ishtar Rising by Robert Anton Wilson http://www.amazon.c...561841099/dgeiser13
Originally titled The Book of the Breast [dgeiser13, Apr 16 2001]

Profiles http://www.fotobaro...arebooks/sqmisc.htm
[mrthingy, Jan 15 2002]

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       You wouldn't happen to be Dutch by any chance?
thumbwax, Apr 16 2001

       Available with flavored latex?
Dog Ed, Apr 16 2001

       That depends entirely on who else is in the book!
benfrost, Apr 16 2001

       benfrost's just being modest, I bet. Probably find him right between "Quarterhorse" and "Donkey."
Dog Ed, Apr 16 2001

       Breast book.... WHY??????!!!!!!!!! (nevermind, please don't answer)   

       Penis book....save the front page for my stallion.
Susen, Apr 17 2001

       the 38 is the size of the chext circumference. a 38 DD + 32 DD are pretty close in size i think. it would be less redundant to just go from DDD to AAA.
dj_photon, Apr 17 2001

       Ain't it the truth, Susen--One Sunday when I was kid, we got out of church --which was located by a Pasture where I noticed and then announced in quite a loud voice there was a five-legged horse...
thumbwax, Apr 17 2001

       //Probably find him right between "Quarterhorse" and "Donkey."//

Sounds like a tight squeeze. Not a position I'd like to be caught in.
DrBob, Apr 17 2001

       Oh my, a [benfrost] idea that hasn't ever been churned. [+]
xandram, Jan 23 2014


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