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'What would Bugs do now?'

Evil Mastermind's reference manual.
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Ming the Merciless is armed to the teeth, has rank upon rank of minions to do his bidding, and is so technologically advanced that he should have no problem keeping control. Yet when he comes up against a puny earthling armed only with a service revolver he always gets his arse kicked.

Bugs Bunny on the other hand has nothing more than a half eaten carrot at his disposal, yet wins the day every time against any opposition.

Clearly a meeting of minds is required.

eg. Ming would throw the hero in to a chamber with spiked walls that will slowly come together and crush/impale said hero. – The Bugs Manual says “Shoot him in the head several times and THEN throw him in the spikey chamber”

Ming invents doomsday device to destroy his enemies that will annihilate them when the digital device gets to zero. – The Bugs Manual says “Set the device to go off with 50 seconds to go – that’ll fool them”

Ming grows goatee beard and power dresses in huge collars – The Bugs Manual says “Sorry that’s just cheesy, they’ll think you are a Death Metal band member and point and laugh. Wear bright clothes, and smile a lot, it’ll just give you that edge”

9.99 from all good book shops. (And some crap ones too)

PS Now with full appendix on Anvil usage.

Jacob Marley, Nov 10 2005

Instructions http://www.evilover...lists/overlord.html
Essential reading for budding Evil Overlords [DocBrown, Nov 10 2005]


       Neeeeeee..<ch> <ch> <ch>
What's up, Doc?
Jinbish, Nov 10 2005

       Bugs Bunny has never been an evil dictator, so your assertions that (for example) Bugs would //Shoot him in the head several times and THEN throw him in the spikey chamber// are at best your own extrapolations based on what you believe Bug's prosaic attitude to life would lead him to do. Besides, this type of thing has been done before and done better (see link).
DocBrown, Nov 10 2005

       I like the logic.
DrCurry, Nov 10 2005

       DocBrown has a good point. This is basically the "Things I would do if I were an Evil Overlord" list with bugs bunny in the hypothetical position.   

       On the other hand. Would there be a WWBD wristband?
hidden truths, Nov 10 2005


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