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The Channel Zorbing

Cross the English Channel in a zorb
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The English Channel, from what I've heard has been swam, jet-skiied and hovered across, so why not zorb across it?

Like those boat-tanks that they get for some people swimming long distances, why not just have one of those and put a zorb (with paddles attached to the outside) inside instead? They could run and run and run (like my friends pet hamster) until they get to France.

froglet, Dec 03 2005

Hydro Bronc http://www.waterspo...ore2/hydrobronc.htm
[Shz, Dec 04 2005]

Check out the video http://www.national...ds/0107/hydrobronc/
(Hydro Bronc) [Shz, Dec 04 2005]


       Neat idea, but there really isn't enoughroom inside a Zorb to run - make it bigger and it should work like the over-sized hamster wheel you envisage.
DrCurry, Dec 03 2005

       Which would make it similar to jogging across the channel. Can I get out and swim when it gets too hot?
normzone, Dec 04 2005


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