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The Cloverleaf Code

Combine art, marketing, culture, and profit.
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Inspired by and loosely based on the cloverleaf ideas and sentiments of [DevoutOccamist], I present to you a unique opportunity to promote and fund the Arts in major metropolitan areas - The Great Cloverleaf Treasure Hunt Contest.

Cloverleafs, or interchanges, which are normally just barren grassy areas around which automotive traffic flows (or sits, waiting to flow) will hold clues to the treasure hunt. The local Arts community seeks out sponsors who will fund the creation (by local artists or art schools) and placement of one fairly large sculpture, in the shape of a letter, in each of a series of assorted cloverleafs (cloverleaves?) along and around major thoroughfares. Each letter-sculpture will bear the logo or name of its sponsor, and remains in place for the duration of the contest.

The dispersal of the different letters is designed in such a manner that a driver, when following the precisely correct (and highly confidential) route, may view a sequence of letters, which together will form words, which are in fact key clues to solving the Treasure Hunt. The correct route is not an obvious "start-here-and-end-there" situation, instead involving several different roads, interchanges, and directions.

The winner gets something like a lifetime pass to the Art Gallery, Playhouse, Symphony, Opera, Ballet, Bowling Alley, or whatever passes for culture in that neck of the woods. The local Arts community benefits because of the sponsorships, the publicity generated by the contest, and the fact that in order to win one must purchase a registration form for a nominal fee.

After the contest is over, each sponsor has the option to purchase their "letter" outright (with proceeds going to support the Arts) or letters could be auctioned off to collectors or the general public (again, with proceeds going to support the Arts).

<I am currently taking suggestions for which category this belongs in. Thanks.>

Canuck, Feb 16 2008




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