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The Decider

Reality TV show to come up with a presidential candidate
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Styled as a variation of shows like Survivor and The Apprentice, a group of people whose only qualifying requirement is that they can be constitutionally elected President compete in a large variety of challenges over a 52 week (two years of episodes) period.

Such a candidate would have sufficient notoriety and name recognition to realistically compete with mainstream party candidates.

theircompetitor, Jul 18 2006

American Idol vs. Elections http://www.maddogpr...ality_elections.htm
[jutta, Jul 18 2006]

Showtime: "The American Candidate" (2004) http://www.tv.com/a.../27789/summary.html
[jutta, Jul 18 2006]

The Decider. http://www.youtube....20decider%20%20%233
Waffler! [Cuit_au_Four, Jul 18 2006]

Trump set to moderate GOP debate http://www.washingt...IQAuMyrLO_blog.html
[theircompetitor, Dec 03 2011]


       No worse than the current "who's got the most wedge" system. Possibly better.
wagster, Jul 18 2006

       Isn't this how we currently do it?
DrCurry, Jul 18 2006

       Wasn't born in the US, sorry. (And if they changed the rules, I'd be running against Arnold Schwarzennegger.)
DrCurry, Jul 18 2006

       Well, I'm thinking the challenges would be designed to improve upon current process. Maybe they'll scrap the primaries and adopt my system :)
theircompetitor, Jul 18 2006

       The embodiment of this often-made comparison pretty much aired on Showtime in 2004. That you don't know about that tells you just how little traction it got.
jutta, Jul 18 2006

       Interesting link -- and you're right, I had no inlking of it.
theircompetitor, Jul 18 2006

       I guess, Jutta, we're getting there now, it just took a couple of years.
theircompetitor, Dec 03 2011

       Jesus Christ, I'm definitely not paid enough.
theircompetitor, Jan 18 2016

       This would be a good way of identifying people who on no account should be allowed to become president
hippo, Jan 19 2016

       apparently :)
theircompetitor, Jan 19 2016

       Counting the current one, we've had 44. Not getting into the politics, how many you think could? Putting it another way, you can come up with the 10 best, or 10 consequential, right? What did the rest of them do, anything useful?   

       So long as they don't do damage, it's good enough. Of course several did create major damage, and the current crop is not immune to the risk.
theircompetitor, Jan 20 2016

       //Counting the current one, we've had 44//   

       Are you sure?
Loris, Jan 20 2016

       Me likey.
Voice, Jan 21 2016

       Isn't the presidential motto: Above all, do no harm? No wait, that's the medical industry. The president is allowed to harm. In fact it may be a requisite.
whatrock, Jan 21 2016


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