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The Gods Game

A game in real life combined with actions taken on a board.
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8 players max.(the gods, names set in advance and chosen through 'first come...'), 3 players min. and 1 gamemaster (called The Lady).
If there are less then 8 gods, the countries without an active god also get 100 followers but they do not decrease or increase automatically.

Time: 1 Era = 1 earth year

Playing field: Risk-board style map EDIT: and the rest of the real world!.
Objective: to convert all countries to worship you by means of gaining followers and eventually attacking other nations with your believers (symbolized only by wooden or plastic pins in the gods colour).

Each player is assigned his/her own colour and sign.

Believers can be obtained by several actions which have to be done in real life and proof of which has to be sent to The Lady:
1) By the god itself (The Lady throws a 3-sided dice to determine the number): max. 3 followers
2) By manipulating others to do your bidding:
Group less then 4 people do your bidding=5
Group of four people or more do your bidding= 10
If action reaches local news: 50 followers
If action reaches more global news (among which the internet, but also national or not so local television): 100 believers.

If at any time a god has no believers, it is exit god. When a god does not take any action, his/her followers will loose faith in a cumulative way.
3 months: - 10% 6 months: - 30% 9 months: -50 % 12 months: all = exit god.

The gods all start in there own native countries (e.g. Loki starts in the northern part of Europe) and each god receives a set number of followers which is 100. If at any time a god has 1000 followers in his own starting country, it is presumed that none in his/her country can be converted and war is inevatable to 'spread the word' (meaning the god/goddess Must attack another country).

Attacks will take place in a Gathering on Olympus, the location of which is variable and will take place necromunda style (all characters get set defence/attack points and win/loss per follower determined per dice). Not all gods will have to be present; merely The Lady and the gods who Must fight or The Lady and the god who challenges another god before reaching 1000 followers and the defending god.

At any moment a god may call a Gathering. Either to attack or to discuss various matters. One of which can be a call for arbitration on an action 'under category'.
If a god wants to attack an 'inactive god' The Lady will throw on behalf of this god.

Under category: A god must make actions in his/her field of expertise. Hestia is the goddess of house and home. If Hestia tries to get followers by means of wisdom (the field of the goddess Athena), a 6-sided dice will be thrown.
1 - 3 the followers side with Hestia
4 - 6 the followers side with Athena
If the god with which the followers will side is an inactive god, the followers will still be asigned.

The game ends when an era is over or there is only one god left. Players may decide after the era is over, that a new Era will start with the setting of the last Era.

biddibiddibib: That's all folks.

Susan, Sep 27 2005

Vernons idea of an idea 12864
Maybe it is halfbaked. It sure looks serious to me! [Susan, Sep 27 2005]

Pirates! Pirates! http://www.halfbake...ion=Pirates&ok=+OK+
They're everywhere [Susan, Sep 27 2005]


       [DrCurry] I do not understand //'sorry' and 'under candyland'.   

       This is nothing like what [madradish] wrote (I checked all 'god games' before hand). It combines LARP (Live Action Role Play), Dungeons and Dragons and a factor of Risk and Necromunda style fighting
Susan, Sep 27 2005

       I do not intend to market it. Feel free to do so. This is just a game I have worked out for me and my friends to do in my spare time.   

       Is it me or do you sound just a little offensive? Did you read it at all or are you simply not a fan of board games?   

       Edit: I have edited the summary so as not to put you on the wrong foot. The only thing Risk like at this game, is the using of the board.
Susan, Sep 27 2005

       I will ellaborate on 'actions' in real life to show exactly why Godopoly is nothing like this.   

       You have chosen Mars, the god of war.
You ask two girlfriends to pretend (or if you wanna go hard core, for real) to be in a mud fight. You take a picture, send it to the lady (for proof) and Mars gets 5 followers, to be placed litterally or figuratively in his country.

       This game has nothing to do with buying land, moving by throwing a dice etc.etc.   

       Be honest Doc. Did you even read it or just the first summary?
Susan, Sep 27 2005

       Well timber me bootstraps.

       Are you saying that a real idea has no place on the halfbakery?! Will you tell Vernon or shall I?   

       And this game is not based on religion and not really a board game. Maybe my words are insufficient to describe it (Remember: Susan not anglaisy). Most of it takes place in the real world and the 'board' is only a map on which to place your armies (or not, your choice). And if the criteria for not being a good idea is ' We already have such an Idea' , you will for sure have a debate with [Unabubba].
Susan, Sep 27 2005

       Vernon is not offended.
Vernon, Sep 27 2005

       Ye gods! Okay, whatever.
DrCurry, Sep 27 2005

       Just out of curiosity: Do You think a truly good idea has no place on the halfbakery [Vernon]?
Susan, Sep 27 2005

       Silly question really, looking at linky.
Susan, Sep 27 2005

       Talking to yourself again, [Susan]?
zeno, Sep 27 2005

       Well this seems very much like the rantings of a paranoid schizophrenic.   

       Idea seems fairly solid though, although it seems more suited to being played using an online board, as there seems no real need for the players to have much contact with each other. Plus, depressingly, it would seem that war would be the only likely way that many gods would fall.   

       I might suggest that getting on non-local television be worth more than 100 as it would appear to be a sort of holy grail (as in very hard to manage).   

       My preferred version: Declare yourself a god and convince others to sign a document stating their allegiance to you. Then name some arbitrary other person as an opposing and heretical god, and order your followers to attack him or face eternal damnation.
hidden truths, Sep 28 2005

       Susan, I think a really good idea should be patented. Or copyrighted (whichever is appropriate). You can post it here, also, but then you only have a year to get the legal claim Officially Yours.
Vernon, Sep 28 2005

       It is difficult to understand now [UnaBubba] and it looks like a schizophrenic ranting [hidden truths] because [DrCurry] removed his anno's.   

       First he said it was an idea already made by [madrashi]. Then he linked to godopoly. Then he said that we already have a board game based on religion and therefore this idea has no surviving ground (thats were you and your pirates come in [UnaBubba]).   

       And finally he said that "this is a real idea and not an idea in a truly half-baked sence and it should not be posted on the halfbakery".   

       You have a point [hidden truths] about there being no need for a real board. That is just for the show. I make these maps (I'll call them maps from now on, for clarity) and players get it over the post with a nice invitation and their Icon.   

       Yes. War is so far the only way to overcome a god. I'm still working on a loophole of escape because once a god evades your country, it could (should) mean: exit god.   

       The wording on the television is a bit crooked; will change that.
Susan, Sep 28 2005


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