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The Halfbaker's Complimentary Guide to Complementary Musical Pieces

The collective HB mind activated for the creation of a sublimely seamless listening experience
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By the most fortuitous happenstance, I followed Bach's "Prelude in C" with Electric Light Orchestra's "10538 Overture", within my most recently created play list.

The two pieces of music complement each other so splendidly that close attention is required to discern the end of the one and the beginning of the other, despite the differences in genre.

The serendipity of the discovery was bested only by the enjoyment of the experience.

Surely, others here have similar experiences with other pieces. A compendium (of sorts) of such experiences could facilitate the re-creation of a protracted version of this ethereal experience .

MikeD, Dec 24 2011

http://www.visualthesaurus.com/ [calum, Dec 28 2011]

Dread Zeppelin http://www.youtube....watch?v=rAM1MKi7bNU
Years ahead of their time. [DrBob, Dec 28 2011]

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       hmm... apart from noting that youtube (or the poster) removed Bartoli's live performance of "Laudate Dominum", which makes me sad, and that the "Pachalbel Rant" is a hoot (linked from here I imagine)... I got nuthin'.   

       So the idea then is "List of songlists" ?
FlyingToaster, Dec 24 2011

       Not so much "songlists", as two songs that seamlessly transition, one into the other. And not so much a "list" per se, (as *those* are M-F-D on the good 'ol HB), but more of a call for the creation of a *compendium*.   

       The difference is negligible, but the rhetoric might just might keep my ass out of the ringer.
MikeD, Dec 24 2011

       Alfie (Dionne's version) -> I Want Your Sex. A little overlap adds to the effect.   

       Is that the kind of thing you mean?
tatterdemalion, Dec 24 2011

       Interestingly, two examples have been hinted at - Bach's prelude AND FUGUE in C, from the 48 PRELUDES AND FUGUES; and Pachelbell's canon AND GIGUE in D.   

       Some scholars suggest that the composers may have cunningly worked a clue, in the form of a fiendishly obscure puzzle, into the very titles of the works, that they themselves made a stab at a not-too-jarringly-discordant complementary piece, but modern performers and record producers wisely ignore such baroque speculation and present the works in isolation.
spidermother, Dec 24 2011

       Ah, sarcasm. Just what I wanted for christmas...
MikeD, Dec 25 2011

       Wringer, shirley.   

       This idea is but a twist and a spank away from being proper halfbakery material, imo. As it is, it is a list of individual bits of DJery, and I considered annotating with only the tracklist of Northern Exposure 1 North, with "into" between each line to illustrate the point. But, in the spirit of positive halfbaking, I offer this amendment: make this a user-submitted version of the Visual Thesaurus (linked), but for tunes, itself linked to Spotify or similar, so that at each track's near end, the user can see a range of "transition options", keeping not only the jumps smooth but also, if desired, the tone and texture of the mix. Of course, the user might prefer jarring jumps and tonal shifts and the interface should allow that happily.
calum, Dec 28 2011

       I figured the ass ringer was a device repurposed from one of those giant gongs.
bungston, Dec 28 2011


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