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The Infection Injection

Get Abdominal workouts by way of Cholera or Salmonella
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Basically, people who are lazy always look for the "fast way" to weight loss and exercise. This invention would give them both...albeit not pleasantly.

With an injection device, you could simply inject your favored form of food poisoning agent into your poultry, dairy products, beef or water to "kick in" weight loss. With nausea and vomiting comes a killer ab workout.

The key to it would be finding a way to control the life-cycle of the viruses so one could "inject" a 2 hour "workout" up to a 2 day "workout".

You could also use it to assist in curing the craving for certain foods. People who like Big Macs...inject a little botulism and it'll be a long time for some before they even go near another fast food joint.

dumbideamen, Nov 24 2004

Electric Ab Stimulators http://ezinearticle...ally-Work?&id=32598
Do they really work? [k_sra, Oct 02 2007]


       1. Not viruses. 2. Some would die. 3. Underneath dumbness is ember of reason. Certain conditions do make people lose weight, fast. Examples: TB, cancer, etc. Rather than inflict the whole condition, figure out what aspect of the body's response causes the weight loss. Then replicate that using drugs.   

       I withhold vote in hopes this idea can be buffed into shape.
bungston, Nov 24 2004

       I dunno. People inject botulism every day. I'd say this is an idea whose time (the 21st Century) has come.
DrCurry, Nov 24 2004

       My tapeworm keeps me trim.
lintkeeper2, Nov 24 2004

       Would also cause your teeth to rot and drop out, leading to even more weight loss. And isn't death just the ultimate diet?
pottedstu, Nov 26 2004

       A similar method that doesn't involve diseases could be involve the use fear.   

       Customer testimony:
"After just scoffing four whole chickens I went into my louynge to watch the the big game and **BLAM** some guy jumps out from nowhere. He then calms me down, explains he's there as part of my new weight loss prgram and that i should go and change my pants... "

       I'm thinking some kind of HB idea based on a "Terrifried" pun...
Jinbish, Nov 26 2004

       This might be ok as a one-off, but after a while, wouldn't the body become resistant to the various nasties? What I mean is maybe you could do this and return to work after a mind-bending two-week scatological ordeal, but it wouldn't work on a daily/hourly frequency.
zen_tom, Nov 26 2004

       muscles spasms happen for some reason that i don't know about but find the way. simulate as needed
umm0i, Nov 27 2004

       Don't count on weight loss. I remember after recovering from a nasty stomach bug, I got on the scale to see if there was any silver lining to a day of agony. I lost only one pound. Fishbone.
kester, Oct 02 2007

       [dumbideaman], welcome to the halfbakery, a place where you can have a user name that invites trouble and post a first idea that invites fishbones! it's a happy, jolly place! = )   

       binging and purging are old as the hills. a feather in the throat is cheaper and safer than a disease. also, on a side note, i think someone tried the equivalent of jumper cables to the abs to make them "workout" when you weren't even paying attention. i can't remember if it works (investigates: see [link]). "don't tase me, bro."
k_sra, Oct 02 2007

       [k], you say 'welcome to the bakery' but he was here 3 years ago. I suspect he has since left...
theleopard, Oct 03 2007


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