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The Peeler-mobile

Peels SUV's off the road for extra safety.
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I've been bumped 3 times in the last 2 years by careless SUV drivers. There are many reasons for this. One being SUV's are higher up from regular cars. In the case of a collision, the car drivers often suffer fatal injuries.

On the other hand SUV's tend to roll over which often kills the driver. Despite this fact..many of the worse drivers keep getting SUV's and drive them like maniacs because of the illusion of safety. How can regular cars protect themselves???

Introducing the peeler..this car will be fairly low to the ground, so the handling will be great, and doesn't roll..but with one adventage in safety. The car will actually be shaped like a pyramid with strong steel sides. Now when the SUV hits you, the impact will be directed over your head causing the SUV to lift up. (and probably roll over..but that's not your problem)

Gammadion, Aug 06 2006

Robot Wars: Chaos 2 http://www.gt-elect...freeserve.co.uk/c2/
In the "Robot Wars" competition, wedge-shaped robots like this one try to get under their opponents and flip them over. [jutta, Aug 06 2006]

Transportation Death Statistics http://www.bts.gov/...ml/table_02_01.html
[Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 07 2006]

Miles driven statistics http://www.bts.gov/...ml/table_01_32.html
[Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 07 2006]

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       If we just fitted large-calibre machine-guns to regular vehicles, and made it legal - nay, obligatory - to pop SUVs, wouldn't this have the desired effect? Or, as I remember from Robot Wars (thankx, Jutta), fit all other vehicles with a dirty great big pneumatic axe?
m_Al_com, Aug 06 2006

       /Eversince SUV's were introduced, death from car accidents have gone up,/   

       Stopped reading here. Show your work please.   

       Deaths from automobile accidents have steadily dropped for the last 35 years (as measured by miles driven). SUVs may have slowed that trend, but they did not reverse it. See link
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 07 2006

       ..although a child hit by an SUV has a much lower chance of survival than a child hit by a regular car. SUVs are still a Bad Thing, for my money.   

       //the car will actually be shaped like a pyramid with strong steel sides// a freeway full of steel pyramids... that is one weird image. Didn't Condorman drive one of these?
moomintroll, Aug 07 2006

       [marked-for-deletion] rant / ha ha let's flip over cars / SUV envy.
ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 07 2006

       so it seems my first sentence isn't correct. only 2 things to do..delete or wait a few years to see if it becomes true :)
Gammadion, Aug 08 2006

       Or you could edit your text to say something else that is true and motivates the rest of your post. For example, "I drive a small car and am afraid of being squished by an SUV". If that is, in fact, true.
jutta, Aug 09 2006

       //For example, "I drive a small car and am afraid of being squished by an SUV". If that is, in fact, true.//   

       How would you ever know whether it was true or not? He could just say that..wait a minute...   

       Just how powerful and all-knowing are you, [jutta]? Sometimes you scare the living daylights out of me. <can't stop compulsively looking out windows or inside of computer for signs of you know who>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 09 2006

       When you say low to the ground, do you mean like a luge? I like the idea of a motorluge topped by a gleaming lexan pyramid. If built correctly, the pyramid might also sharpen your pocketknife while you drove.
bungston, Aug 09 2006

       actually i ride a sportsbike which is far more vulnerable ...as for truth, you can't really jump to conclusions like that. Some guy includes a link..i assume to some US statistics. Some assumptions he most likely made was that, I was talking about US, and i'm talking about death / milage. Living in a growing city, I'd assume more and more deaths happen every year. (i just don't care enough to research it) point well made nevertheless...i suppose if i wanted to be anal, i would actually have to make a more specific statement (maybe something that specifically sais SUV's are unsafe) and actually back it up w/ data.
Gammadion, Aug 09 2006

       That's a big part of posting here [Gammadion]. If your idea relies on statements you claim as facts be prepared to have them challenged (you cannot expect people to blindly believe something just because you typed it, believe me).
methinksnot, Aug 09 2006

       [Gamma] While I did respond with US statistics, I will be happy to be disproven by other studies. I suspect that more miles are driven by US drivers than by almost any other country, so it should be a fairly valid sample.   

       Secondly, I am not "some guy" my name is clearly shown on the link.   

       Thirdly, there is no reason to assume that I provided US statistics, simply clicking on the link, (or even just looking at the URL) should make it perfectly clear that I was. No assumption needed.   

       Finally, you state that I assumed that you were talking about deaths/milage. I did not need to assume that, you stated it in the original post, as I quoted in my annotation.   

       The only assumption that I made was that US driving statistics have some validity to your idea. I do not think that was a weak assumption from the information that you gave.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 10 2006

       what [methinksnot] said. After all, I was led to believe, from the title, that this was a mobile service that came around from house to house to peel potatoes.
xandram, Aug 10 2006


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