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The Rainbow Infuser

Backyard Waterfalls Are So Last Year
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Be the envy of the neighborhood! Create an on-demand rainbow for the pleasure of your guests. Imagine this: you are sitting out on your patio. There's a lovely breeze, but there's little ambience. You get up and flip the switch on your Rainbow Infuser. Immediately, a bright, glowing rainbow fills the sky above your backyard. Your guests are completely in awe. You feel completely serene.

You leave the rainbow on after the sun sets. It's amazing to see a rainbow at night, and your guest can't stop talking about it after they leave your gathering.

THINK of the display you could have with several rainbow infusers. The possibilities are endless.

Related Products Include: The Falling Stars Infuser and the Moon Eclipse Infuser.

flynn, Jan 04 2007

Rainbow Lamp http://www.rainbowlight.net/prod01.htm
One of several makes [csea, Jan 05 2007]


       The rainbow would be made by very powerful lights. No real sun, rain, or mist required.
flynn, Jan 04 2007

       It would be like the aurora borealis but in your back garden!.. not seeing a large point to it, but it would certainly be novel..!
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 05 2007

       It's a group of floodlights?
angel, Jan 05 2007

       I haven't determined the exact technology that would be used. Possibly floodlights, but I think laser lights might do the job better.
flynn, Jan 05 2007

       I find a few puffs of smoke and a mirror in which to reflect it all solves most problems +
xenzag, Jan 05 2007

       <small print>pot of gold not included</sp>
craigts, Jan 05 2007

       It would take a lot of power to make a bright rainbow outdoors, but there are several makers of "rainbow lamps" which use a halogen lamp and a prism. [link] These work quite well indoors, and could brighten up an awning outdoors.   

       Lasers are unsuitable, as they create a very narrow color spectrum, and a rainbow requires broadband white light.   

       A rainbow-shaped croissant for you. +
csea, Jan 05 2007


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