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The Reversed Polarity Inductive Electro-Magnetic Coil

Making a powerful Transformer/Generator
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It has been a few days since I last posted on here. I have been caught up in the perils of school and schoolwork, but since Tuesday or so I have had a ridiculous idea in my mind. I was a sleep and in a deep sleep all until I fell out of my recliner. I usually tend to sit up in it with my legs in the seat, as it is a big recliner. If you sit in the chair like this you have to be careful as to not tip the chair over. I was a sleep so it seems as if I wasn’t careful enough. Well anyway, to make a long story short, I woke up and instantly had an idea in my head, and at 11:35 25 minutes of writing aren’t so bad and would only be time I wasted trying to go to bed.

To the actual invention! At first I thought it to be called a Helios-Coil. Then I thought about different names and such and finally settled on a rather lengthy name, The Reversed Polarity Inductive Electro-Magnetic Coil, or –IEMC for short. I have had no extensive study in electricity or engineering. I do know a little about everything and as Kenny would testify little is the key word. Anyway after I designed my coil and apparatus to go around and through out the coils’ transmissions I begin to get interested in Nicola Tesla’s work on electromagnetic behaviors and science.

Basically my system is not basic. It is a large glass shell filled with Argon. This Argon is to become plasma threw the process found in Fluorescent and Neon lights. Inside of this Argon Plasma shell is yet another thicker glass shell. It does not contain anything; instead it is kept under a hefty vacuum of –3.5atm. Inside of this vacuumed shell is a series of electromagnetic coils, rotating in synchronization, yet in different directions. There are various “tap-on” points on the device used to either input or output energy.

It is believed that this device would act as a super transformer and safety capacitor. After the device has “Charged” it should start to rotate the coils inside to form the generation process. 2,000 volts of AC power are input through various “tap-ons” and ultimately expand the Argon Plasma into a glowing fire show inside, much brighter and full of more energy compared to the Fluorescent lights of our homes and offices. After this energy is spent inside, another separate coil should be turned on, this coil raps around the –IEMC in a fashion similar to a modern Tesla Coil. The drive shaft entering the vacuum compartment begins to turn and starts the “up grade” and transformation process. What leaves the device is an unregulated 100,000 + volts running at an uncontrollable current be it high or low (Further bench tests and regulatory process must be performed to get the exact Voltage, Wattage, Ampere, etc. After the power is run through a series of "step-downs" and "ups" the Ampere Cycle can be “tuned” to the specific cycle; also the voltage and wattage can be tuned

I feel this device could be used in a number of situations including our energy crisis. We could have four 12 Volt lead acid batteries turn over a standard DC electric motor. This motor(s) in turn would rotate a series of compact generators including a modified version of the Van de Graaff generator. Once these generators are running, they should be able to be converted and amplified to supply the 2,000 volts required for charging the –IEMC. Once the –IEMC is charged, commencement of the rotating of another motor should begin. This would in turn start the high voltage output. Once the –IEMC was fully operation (approximated at 3 minutes and some odd seconds) it would provide enough raw power to power all motors involved, and charge the batteries back up. Also it should be able to turn four independent motors capable of pushing a car in excess of 90 miles per hour. Also, to help in the process of powering other application in an automobile, if it were used for that, smaller generator could be placed on the wheels and after every rotation turned by the electric motors, a generator could power one tenth of the power it took to power the motor back to the batteries, or into the 2,000 volts plus in on the –IEMC.

Pictures of the –IEMC will be provided tomorrow, there are in my notebook and must be scanned to be included in this page.

EDIT: Various and somewhat lengthy revisions have been made to the –IEMC, in keeping on my promise of showing the pictures I must update them before I show them.

Also I would like to notify any viewers of this sight that I have 2 patents running on this device, one American Patent, and one Canadian.

Silent Phar, Nov 30 2005

Vernon might help... http://www.halfbakery.com/user/Vernon
[po, Nov 30 2005]


       So many questions: 1. I understand rotating coils: a generator. What does rotating them in a vacuum accomplish? 2. Why rotate them in different directions? 3: The charged argon - is this to make a magnetic field?
bungston, Nov 30 2005

       silent phar - reminds me of the song - the wind beneath my sheets...
po, Nov 30 2005

       And who's Kenneth?
zen_tom, Nov 30 2005

       "...it is kept under a hefty vacuum of –3.5atm."   

       Feel any urge to explain how you get less than no matter in a container?
st3f, Nov 30 2005

       Perhaps it owes matter to another container.
bungston, Nov 30 2005

       Ah, po beat me to the link!
DesertFox, Nov 30 2005

       Perpetual motion. Get some more sleep.
Shz, Dec 01 2005

       C'mon, Vernon was never this funny!   

       "4 independent motors" on a car just got me LOL
sophocles, Dec 01 2005

       //but since Tuesday or so I have had a ridiculous idea in my mind.// //Also I would like to notify any viewers of this sight that I have 2 patents running on this device, one American Patent, and one Canadian.//   

       Which tuesday?   

       Your questions are somewhat less than what I expected. I made a scale model of this and it bench tested to somewhat of the correct ratio according to the size of it.   

       In response to bungston, the vacuum is just something I cam up with to keep the electricity from arcing like it does through the argon. I don't know if it helps or not, but it *somewhat* worked when originally tested and therefore I left it in the plans.   

       In response to zen_tom, Kenneth is a colleague of mine. He more so goes by the name of Kenny and was only included in this because this was originally entered in a blog and I was asked to give somewhat of a back-story.   

       In response to Pa've, I have looked like at Fermi? Anyhow, perhaps to get 100,000 volts it may have to be larger than expected, and according to my calculations I estimated it to be about the size of an average 6-cylinder car engine. It is like an ion flywheel in which electricity is converted stored, multiplied, sent, received, and exploited all within the confines of the glass shell.   

       In response to st3f, in my bench test, I used a large wide mouth mason jar as my outer most glass shell. I used a Ron-Con food packager to remove the air. The man who sold it to me that told me the gauge at the side in 1,2,3,etc. grades represented atmospheric pressure within the container. He may have been lying, but I took his word for it. After I let the thing suck on it for a long time, I sealed it with a lid and went through some great precautions to not let the vacuum lessen. It was listed at somewhere around 5 on the scale, but in inserting the shaft for the coils and the motor I had to have lessened the vacuum somewhat so I carelessly made a rough estimate of how much I lost. If it is not in ATMs I would like to know what the vacuum scale is measured in.   

       In response to Shz, yes somewhat of a perpetual motion machine, but this will not last forever. The Argon will become depleted as it does in a normal fluorescent light. It will "burn out" as a normal light does that lacks a filament.   

       In response to sophocle, an electric motor on each wheel. One operating in a path much like that of those automobiles that are only a big ring. Or sort of like on American Chopper, if you watch that show, the wheel that didn't have a center hub, but a gear like ring around the rim, and another gear to match on the end of the forks. It would have a gear within a gear; you wouldn't have drive shafts and all that, that was what I was trying to say.   

       In response to 2 fries shy of a happy meal, it was the Tuesday of August the 16th. And also I have no patents, as I used patented materials to construct the only things that are patentable, unless you wish to steal my drawing in which I cannot upload onto *this* site.
Silent Phar, Dec 01 2005

       And so, the world is delightened. (See SilentPhar bio.)
csea, Dec 01 2005

       In response to the unneeded comments of Zuzu, The patents were a joke, I don't have patents or the methods of getting them as I will be only but 17 in three days.   

       The questions were somewhat less than expected. I wanted questions to challenge the mathematical and physical characteristics of the thing, not like who is Kenny and have you ever seen a Particle Accelerator. I understand some of these questions were extremely valid and so I treated them with respect and tried to my utmost ability in what I know on this to answer them.   

       I simply was making a comment that I can't upload photographs onto this site. I am yet to see a photograph less the croissant on the home page.   

       The bit about stealing my drawing was yet another dry joke, in which it is extremely hard to express emotions and meaning through lifeless text on a commentable website.   

       You criticize me for supposedly criticizing my reviewing peers, and yet you use not criticism but slander, you are lame.   

       I have proto typed this, but I think it is "half-baked." I will defend it to my death because of the fact that I can over use the term "bench-test."   

       I ain't looking for funding, as I ain't in any need of money at this time.   

       I am not sure what you wished to accomplish by putting your one and a half cents worth of thought in on this but I will say I am not discouraged and only feel sorrow for the fact that you misinterpreted my meanings and justifications for joining this site and posting this idea.
Silent Phar, Dec 01 2005

       And Sorry for this, but I missed bungston's question of why the coils rotate in different directions.   

       It has something to do with static electricity. When I originally wrote all this up, I envisioned that I would have transients all over the place and discharges out the ass. I figured that if they all turned against each other the static electricity and discharges could somehow be contained within the coils and possibly even drawn to them to be used as excess power. I knew that this could be accomplished by turning them at different speeds, or by different directions. It worked out that the plastic gears within a small radio alarm clock from K-mart worked best for the gears to turn them in different directions. It was generally easier for me to gear it to turn in different directions versus different speeds. To be totally honest this phase was left out of the final test. I simply had a coil turning within a coil within a coil. I found it too difficult to keep the vacuum, the moving parts, and the integrity of the inner workings working.   

       The latter question of the same author as well, The Argon Ionization/Plasmafication was not meant to be magnetic, but I feel it may have become that. When it completed the connection it was a buffer to the power being discharged from the inner workings section of the coil turns.   

       Note to All: Mass revision have taken place on the concepts of this. The bench test I made of this item was in fact true to these plans, however after more study of the fundamentals involved within this endeavor, I found that some more items could aid in my processes as well as some item I had within the apparatus could detract from it. I noted on the original post about these changes, but until a photograph upload program is shown to be or unto me, I am at a loss for accurately updating the information on the latest revision of the --IEMC.   

       Thank you, and good night.   

Silent Phar, Dec 01 2005

       I am giving a bun for the anno detailing the Methods section, and for the use of the Ron-Con, and the enthusiasm for overusing "bench test". Talk about in earnest! Maybe [Silent Phar] has more in common with [Vernon] than I thought.
bungston, Dec 01 2005

       Waving your arms and yelling is good exercise. All the energy from other sources mentioned here wouldn't excite the most bored electron imaginable.   

       James, the laws of thermodynamics, Maxwell's equations, conservation of mass, etc. make good and useful reading. They weren't invented just to discomfit and insult you personally.
lurch, Dec 01 2005

       //I have had no extensive study in electricity or engineering.//
angel, Dec 01 2005

       //to make a long story short// Really?
fridge duck, Dec 01 2005

       Oh, heavens. I withdraw my comments.
Zuzu, Dec 01 2005

       I lost interest about two-thirds of the way through the second paragraph. + for effort though.
DrBob, Dec 01 2005

       The reason we mock your negative atmospheres is because vacuum is shorthand for lack of pressure. Standard atmo - 760 torr soft vacuum - Anything less than about 690 Hard vacuum - space like, guessing about 20 torr.   

       A machine capable of generating pressures of 3.5 atmospheres, (or 3.5*760 torr), run in reverse, can probably create a solid vacuum, depending on seals. IIRC I hand-pumped a hard vacuum once, in a small cell, with suitable equipment.   

       Negative pressure is suction, which is really more like a similar pressure on the other side of the wall.
Darkelfan, Dec 01 2005

       Are you aware of the basic facts regarding ordinary electricity and transformers? Electric power is measured in Watts, and equals Amperes multiplied by Volts. A PERFECT transformer would input Watts as some ratio of Amperes and Volts (example: 12=2x6), and output exactly the same number of Watts at a different ratio of Amperes and Volts (example continued: 12=3x4). Since in the real world no transformer is perfect, electrical resistance in the wire and the "hysteresis" phenomenon cause the total ouput of Watts to always be less than the total input of Watts.   

       I don't see anything in your Idea here that gets around the basic facts of transformer operation.
Vernon, Dec 01 2005

       And the veteran arrives.
hidden truths, Dec 01 2005

       New caption for HB Tagline:
Laws of Physics need not apply...
Jinbish, Dec 01 2005

       So, you ARE serious, eh? Sorry for the LOL then.   

       I think this boils down to trying to get free energy or a super battery out of adding complexity. Try taking the whole system as conceptually one black box, and track all the inputs & outputs. And, if your expected inputs & outputs violate some basic principles (esp. 2nd Law of thermodynamics), then you're just making an error somewhere (which would be more likely as you add more complexity).   

       If you really are about to discover a wonderful new alternative energy machine.... well, "more power to you!" I wouldn't want to discourage any of those ideas, as they are my favorites.
sophocles, Dec 01 2005


       In response to lurch, I have read on or about all of those topics. I understand your concern for the practical operation or application for this device or the ideas behind it. I do not see the need for the reading on the law of conservation of mass, unless you are referring to my improperly used terminology. I haven't a way to measure the pressure and or the lack there of within the device. I only went by the gradings on the gauge, which was what I thought to be atmospheres. Anyhow, I have been dually corrected on this folly, and see the light as to me saying something incorrect. Saying what I said was like saying negative voltage or something, you never hear tale of such things and were incorrectly used as such. I hope this appeases something within your comment, as I couldn't draw any other reason as to why you mentioned the law of conservation of mass.   

       In response to Angel, fridge duck, and jscottpete; I have never took a course in anything remotely electrical, electrical oriented or anything close to engineering. I have read a few simplistic books on working with electronics; most of them are about building vacuum tube radios and were printed in the early sixties. I have always been able to solder pretty decently, as I feel it is no great feat, but I am not oriented in the workings of electronics to such an extent that I could do repairs without great study. Directly to jscottpete, I presume they are proud of me, as most parents generally are, but not because of this work. They normally see it as a nuisance and a mess. Wires strung amongst the place and broken glass... They like me and what I do and can do, but as far as this kind of stuff goes, I would say they have little interest in being proud or disproud.   

       In response to DrBob, I am sorry I bored you, but I try and be as through as possible.   

       In response to Darkelfan, I believe I have outlined my problem with the negative atmospheres thus far, and need not describing them again. I am sorry for my carelessness in on this, and in the future I should make less assumptions and more known statements.   

       To the veteran, Vernon, I don't know what you are commenting, commending, or condemning. I know about Watts, Volts, and Amperes and don't see your concern for stating these again. I may have misused a term within my original post as It was written at night and I am not much of a revisionist, however I have seen stuff on this site in which people make errors in their ideas or debate and the next person to annotate just corrects them, i.e. The Speed of Sound should read The Speed of Light.   

       In response to sophocles, I am not out to make a new invention; at least I don't think I am. I was just putting up an idea about something that came to me one night. I do wish I was hanging a clock over the toilet and slipped and hit my head, for if I had, maybe just maybe, it would have knocked a little sense into my mind. Anyhow I appreciate all involved in on this discussion.   

       I have more to come, but most of mine accompany photographs and as far as I can tell that is not supported within the confines of the Bakery.   

Silent Phar, Dec 01 2005

       -1 for ignoring me, +1 for replying to everyone else...   

       & no, you cannot make amends by creepy emails.
po, Dec 01 2005

       You can add links to your ideas, via the [Link] button directly below your idea.   

       If you need a place to host your photos, try
Freefall, Dec 01 2005

       What's the frequency, Kenneth?
normzone, Dec 01 2005

       In reference to Po, What song? It wasn't about my experimental invention, so I figured you were commenting on something elsewhere. Sorry to hear that you gave me a -1 for not responding to your message, is my invention involved in music somehow?   

       In response to normzone, Kenny is yet to know the frequency... Namely he is an idiot.
Silent Phar, Dec 02 2005

       I bet you're blog banned for that one.
a few REM go a long way.
Whoa! I just read the explaination. Dan should of shouted a random frequency.

       [SP] It's sure to be a losing battle convincing any of the many quite wise folks here that you can multiply energy.
Zimmy, Dec 02 2005

       Zimmy, are you referring to the term, "Rapid Eye Movement as in the state of dreaming," or R.E.M. the band from Georgia? I think their initials might stand for that as well though.   

       If you think I will get banned for not knowing who or what you were talking about then, it's a pretty sorry and un-democratic blog/forum.
Silent Phar, Dec 02 2005

       I meant banned from Kenneth's blog for calling him an idiot. (Look up What's the frequency Kenneth on google.)
Zimmy, Dec 02 2005

       I'll bet it puts out about 1.21 Gigawatts.
RayfordSteele, Dec 02 2005

       It was my blog.   

       In reference to RayfordSteele, 1.21 GIGAWATTS!!!   

       I am sure that in 1985 you can just buy plutonium at every corner drug store but in 1955 it's a little hard to come by.   

       I made a reference to that with the falling off of the toilet bit.
Silent Phar, Dec 02 2005

       I never considered sealing an induction motor inside of an argon-filled glass bubble. You say no sparks, though?
reensure, Dec 02 2005

       In response to reensure, sparks... not exactly, however the argon blanket has a solid arc of power running through it, it feeds out through a "tap on/off" point. I have had no outside interference or discharges and so no "sparks." However, no *extensive* tests have been performed. On my bench tests, I merely built a prototype that worked well enough to show that it did modify the current and cycle. I tuned it much the same as you tune the cathode ray in a television, by a powerful variable electro-magnet. I somehow left this out of the plans. It may cut down on the static discharge; I will have to pursue it further.
Silent Phar, Dec 02 2005

       [Silent Phar], it looks to me that you have tried to describe a kind of transformer that ouputs more power than it inputs. This is generally considered to be impossible to do, for the reasons I previously described. If you claim it is actually possible to do, you have not explained very well the basis that would support the claim.
Vernon, Dec 02 2005


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