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The Sexuality Compass

You are 42% homosexual, with a 33% preference for American Grizzlies.
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A website which operates on a hot or not style rating system, but which presents the user with a variety of site-controller-maintained photographic material, representing all stripes of sexuality and sexual behaviour.

Obviosuly, this site is not for children.

In common with Hot or Not sites, the user rates each image on some scale of sexual attractiveness. In common with the Political Compass, the user preference data is stored and collated and, after a set number of pictures have been presented and rated, the user is is shown a series of sliding scales of their sexual preferences, based on data supplied.

Obviously, the value of this as an accurate measure of the user's sexual nature is arguable, and entirely dependent on the user's acceptance of sexuality as being a non-binary matter but as a basis for peer comparison and entertainment it seems valid.

calum, Apr 21 2004

The Political Compass http://www.politicalcompass.org/
[calum, Oct 05 2004]

Hot or Not http://www.hotornot.com/
[calum, Oct 05 2004]

The Spark's Gay Test http://test.thespark.com/gaytest/
Not the same. [calum, Oct 05 2004]

American Grizzlies http://home.att.net...bear_photo_gall.htm
[calum, Oct 05 2004]

What are you http://www.bookblog.net/gender/genie.html
[kbecker, Oct 05 2004]

Rumsfeld Poems http://slate.msn.com/id/2081042
[kbecker, Oct 05 2004]


       Why not let children on the site? After all, elementary school children are read stories and given books about having two mommies, daddies having room mates, and princes marrying each other. Why shouldn't little Tommy save himself some adolescent angst and find out early if he should pursue intimate relationships with girls, other boys, or the family dog?
Guncrazy, Apr 21 2004

       For a start try the gender genie (link). I plugged your idea in and it says you are 44% male (205 of 466) and 56% female (261 in 466). Are you spayed, neutered or just weired? A sample of other halfbakers showed similar results, its an odd community.
kbecker, Apr 21 2004

       Sorry flame, got too excite about all the genie results.
kbecker, Apr 21 2004

       bah... people who are whores to what others think of them are beyond pity as far as im concerned.
CGxyz, Apr 22 2004

       bah... people who live their lives as whores to what others think of them are beyond pity as far as im concerned.
CGxyz, Apr 22 2004

       //Why not let children on the site?//
Because the site will host material that could reasonably be termed pornographic or obscene. I was envisioning that the user could specify a preferred level of explicitness, ranging from "Safe For Work" to "goatse! goatse!! goatse!!!"

       // Are you spayed, neutered or just weired?//
<rummages>No, no, probably. Incidentally, when I fed in more than 500 words, the gender genie got me pegged.

       //Geek code//
I'm not so keen on this notion, as the geek code is only transparent to those who know it. I can't even understand the halfbakery geek code without reference to the idea itself. No, the graphical representation is preferred because (a) it's easy to grasp what is being communicated (b) I like the idea of a series of multicoloured horizontal stripes denoting your predilections. Not sure why.
calum, Apr 22 2004

       (Off Topic) Many thanks to [kbecker] for the Gender Genie link. It's mostly right on my HB submissions, but insists my poetry is penned by a woman. I'm wondering now what the most masculine poem I can find would be...
Guncrazy, Apr 22 2004

       [Gun] Use the Rumsfeld poems from (link). See, why HE is such a leader? Still has to cut back on "not"s, "we"s and "be"s. Should utter more sentences like "I are the greatest".
kbecker, Apr 23 2004


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