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The Slipper Sponge

Slip on the foot sponge.
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For small spills in the kitchen, I usually just drop a paper towell down and use a foot to wipe it up, then pick it up with my toes and it throw away, if barefoot. The Slipper Sponge is large enough for a shoe to fit in, and then can be rinsed out for reuse.
ty6, Nov 01 2002

One method http://www.alrec.nl...c/image/oneill5.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

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       Great idea. They would have to come in three sizes.Small, medium and BIGFOOT.
SOPSALSO, Nov 01 2002

       I seem to remember an America's Funniest Home Videos short that featured a baby being dressed in a mop-like suit of some kind and being pulled around by the dog.
RayfordSteele, Nov 01 2002

       an absorbant croisant for you.   

       Just lazy Idischler. Saw a thing on TV once about some guy from India who could write with both hands and both feet simutaneously. Wonder if he could write four different words at once?
ty6, Nov 02 2002

       Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire...
hollajam, Nov 02 2002

       <Lindy Mop>Mop, mop, trip-le-mop, mop, mop, trip-le-mop</Lindy Mop>
thumbwax, Nov 02 2002

       The palace at Eszterhaza where Josef Haydn lived makes you wear these silky overshoes before you go round, partially so you don't stilleto the parquet, but also to help polish the bastard-big house. Halfbaked, ie.
General Washington, Nov 02 2002

       Pipi Longstocking was known for cleaning her kitchen by skating on brushes.
FarmerJohn, Nov 03 2002

       A head (or hat) sponge for professional wrestlers." I'll wipe da floor wid you!" Clean as you go during matches, keeps the mat satiny smooth.
ty6, Nov 03 2002


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