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The Third Shoe

high fashion walking stick
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Many people have need to use a walking stick, either as they get older or as a sort of prop when they are out with their pet.

While some walking sticks are quite stylish, none can match the sheer panache and kudos of stepping out in a pair of Pradas or Manolo Blahnik shoes.

This has lead inevitably to the development of The Third Shoe.

To understand what it looks like, you need to image that the heel of a high heel type shoe extends upwards, through the sole, becoming the actual shaft of the walking stick.

Third Shoes come in many sizes and styles. The larger the shoe size, the more stable the stick is for support.

Styles range from elegant patent leather miniatures, to sturdy hobnailed boots, for the determined macho walker.

xenzag, Sep 21 2006

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       Imagine waiting for the *two* other shoes to drop. That would really be torture for the guy who lives downstairs.
phundug, Sep 21 2006

       I prefer to listen for seven shoes and a collar to hit the floor.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 21 2006

       It would really take the stigma out of being crippled. Old people used to scare me when I was little because they would always be carrying this big steel cane with an ugly white handle on the top and a big rubber knob on the bottom!
Jscotty, Sep 23 2006


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