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The Tutu Bellyslashers

spin around and slash bellies
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Just as The Peaky Blinders terrified all and sundry with their lethal cloth caps, the less well known but even more viscious Tutu Bellyslashers spread fear wherever they venture.

These tutu wearing assassins only reveal the true extent of their terrible weaponry when under threat, or if an adversary needs to be taught a severe lesson.

When the situation demands, the tutu wearer spins into action, their diaphanous garment rising up to form an almost horizontal circle of whirling material. This balletic pirrouetting also releases the continuous line of razor blades concealed around the perimeter of the tutu, just under the frilly edging. No belly in proximity is safe from the destructive action of this terrifying human bacon slicer.

Being tall and athletic, Tutu Bellyslashers can also deliver lethal throat strikes by combining their spinning action with that of spectacular balletic leaps. Even the dreaded Peak Blinders are put to flight by The Tutu Bellyslashers.

Those who like the idea will be delighted to know that when the current Peaky Blinders BBC documentary series comes to an end, The Tutu Bellyslashers will begin.

xenzag, Nov 04 2017

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2442560/ Peaky Blinders [xenzag, Nov 04 2017]




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