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The Twister Electoral Map

Occupy The Electoral College
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Have political arguments in your family/circle of friends?

See if you and your faction can win the Presidency by occupying the requisite # of electoral votes on a Twister version of the electoral map.

theircompetitor, Nov 05 2016

The original game in question http://www.csmonito...-lifetime-supermoon
[theircompetitor, Nov 05 2016]


       Left hand Florida!
RayfordSteele, Nov 05 2016

       I am amazed that I got to be the first to vote for this idea.   

       If you do it on a map, MIT students could optimize a touch placement strategy, just like solving tic-tac-toe, pretty much keeping everyone's hands off Wyoming.
beanangel, Nov 05 2016

       Re supermoon link. Does that mean I should go post my heavy parcels on the 14th, as they will be lighter on that day?
not_morrison_rm, Nov 06 2016


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