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The Waiting Room on the Runway

Doctors do it. Why can't airports?
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Sometimes you get on a plane, and then you have to wait on the plane for 2 hours before it takes off. This is ridiculous.

If the plane isn't going to take off (and this is usually known quite well in advance), then putting the people on the plane really only serves two purposes: (1) to get them out of the crowded airport, and (2) to allow them to put their luggage in the overhead bins.

As a waiting area, the cabin of a plane is a most despicable, inappropriate location.

If there are any contingencies (e.g. bad weather ahead, plane needs to be refueled, something on the plane needs to be repaired), then the passengers should be driven to a secure waiting area near the runway where they can get off the plane and wait in comfort (if desired) until the plane has been definitively cleared for takeoff. They will then get back on the plane just before it takes off.

Getting the passengers off and on is quick, because they can leave all their luggage on the plane. The people have already gone through security so they are all known to be "clean". The waiting room will contain only safe objects, so nothing can be taken that can be used as a weapon.

Meanwhile, the runway waiting room offers clean bathrooms (so you don't have to use the grungy airplane lavatory); vending machines (so you don't deplete the airplane's meager snack supply); magazines (different from the ones on the plane), a television, a bar, and a few video games as well.

Having a comfortable runway waiting room will allow airlines to be more truthful with the passengers; instead of placating them with "just a few more minutes" they can let them into the waiting room and tell them the real expected time of departure.

With fewer angry, disgruntled passengers, the airline's business will burgeon and the employees' (particularly flight staff) quality of life will improve dramatically.

phundug, Jul 20 2007

"a log cabin that moves around on a pair of dancing chicken legs" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baba_Yaga
[normzone, Jul 20 2007]

"double-clutch belgian overgear" http://www.girlgeni...1.cgi?date=20070716
[normzone, Jul 20 2007]


       Too simple. The waiting room needs to do a Baba Yaga and come to the plane.
normzone, Jul 20 2007


       Aw, dang, there goes my toupee!   

       [Ears still ringing]
DrCurry, Jul 20 2007

       Who needs a shard of glass?
normzone, Jul 20 2007

       Just disallow glass and pants in the waiting room.   

       Heck, they should just make everyone strip naked at the security checkpoint and seal their clothing in special compartments. You get it all back when you arrive at your destination.   

       Maybe you could issue jumpsuits in the interests of modesty.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 20 2007

       Don't be modest, [Galbinus_Caeli]. That's a great idea.
normzone, Jul 22 2007

       Don't the narcotics manufacturing operations do that (make the people work naked), or was that just in a movie I saw once?   

       Requiring nudity on flights would be a wonderful idea, because it would increase security and rail travel.
globaltourniquet, Jul 22 2007

       Isn't this waiting room generally referred to as the Gate? You know, the room you wait in before getting on the plane. I have sometimes been on the plane and they have de-boarded (is that a word) us because they knew it was going to take a few hours.
marklar, Jul 23 2007

       //issue jumpsuits in areas of modesty//   

       "Please sir, take off all of your clothes, place them in this bag and then change into this orange jumsuit."
"Er... I don't really see the need"
"Please sir, if you would put the jumpsuit on in a quick and efficient manner. We need to take you to the waiting area." "Waiting area? But I'm going to Disneyworld."
"Yes sir, via the waiting area"
"Well, how long do I have to wait?!"
"Until you're flight departs"
"Is the waiting area just outside?"
"Yes, sir. It is just outide International Law... Have you got you orange jumpsuit yet?"
"Yes - but my passport is in my bag..."
"Don't worry sir - you'll not be needing that..."
Jinbish, Jul 23 2007


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