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The X-Terminator

R/C Bee's Nest Chemical Assault Ship (Rental)
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There is absolutely nothing that makes you proud to be human in standing 10' away from a bees nest, spraying, running like hell, and then having to come back later to get your hat, spray can, and search for your glasses.
Now you can invite all your drinkin' buddies over when you rent the X-Terminator. Throw some ribs on, crack open your favourite beer, and take turns spraying the hell out of the bees that wanted to make a nest on your house.
The remote controlled helicopter/pest control sprayer doesn't mind being stung and won't get smiles from the neighbors for running away.
Zimmy, Jun 29 2003


       This idea could be extended to almost any pest if the heli's weapon could be exchanged for a flamethrower, pellet gun, water gun, ect. That way you could hunt any insect, pigeon or stray dog in town. You get a croissant for the helicopter part.
Aegis, Aug 12 2003

       Or you could be kind to the bees (I like honey) and have a dry-ice smoke gun and a grabber to safely airlift the bees into the woods.
chud, Aug 12 2003

       Never had a problem with bees, are you talking about wasps?
kbecker, Aug 14 2003

       [seal...] Not for your bees though, its top secret, so please don't tell anyone about the following.
Its a mechanical fly. It flies around in the world and sucks tiny amounts of mucus from peoples orifices and analyzes the DNA in its tiny built in DNA lab. When it finds a terrorist (all terrorist DNA information for comparison is stored in its huge built in database), it crawls into the terrorists mouth and blows itself up. Without the mouth the terrorist will starve to death.
kbecker, Aug 15 2003

       Hasta-la-vista, bay-bee.
RayfordSteele, Oct 31 2003

       I like kbecker's idea.
15420, May 26 2004

       //running like hell ... away from a bees nest ... invite all your drinkin' buddies over ... and search for your glasses ... get smiles //   

       Fun with words ... bun!
Letsbuildafort, May 26 2004


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