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witch pellets

as slug pellets, but to dissolve witches
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made of salt and /or garlic and perhaps water for witches like on the wizard of oz,placed in the garden for traps, also some of them on long strings with a helium baloon on top;in case they are flying on a broom.
technobadger, Nov 28 2001

Winged Monkey Sprinkler http://www.halfbake...0Monkey_20Sprinkler
I shamelessly plug my own witch-combatting device. [pottedstu, Nov 29 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       You forgot the fizzy part.
phoenix, Nov 28 2001

       which pellets? better ask the witch doctor
po, Nov 28 2001

       If this were to be modeled after the Witch characteristics in the Wizard of Oz, all you would need in your garden to dissolve the Witches would be a sprinkler system.
bristolz, Nov 29 2001

       If Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer croaks because of this, I'm coming to get you technobadger...
mrkillboy, Nov 29 2001

       do witches usually pick up pellets lying around? what proximity do they require? or are they disguised as special witch food?
lewisgirl, Nov 29 2001

       Well, what a horrible young man you are, technobadger. What have witches ever done to you, eh? I bestow upon you this second-hand and semi-dissolved fishbone and you can also have a lovely curse too. Something involving terrible acne, I think.
WickedWitch, Nov 29 2001

       Forget pellets: you just need to ensure their broomsticks have lots of big splinters. On the other hand, if you wanted to go with pellets, you could disguise them as warts, so the witch goes, "Oh, look, I've lost a wart", picks it up, adheres it to her face, and KEWHIZZZZOOOUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!
pottedstu, Nov 29 2001

       You need bait. Ruby red slippers work well, if I recall.
beauxeault, Nov 29 2001

       I've seen *the* ruby red slippers in the Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. I don't recall seeing any witches around at the time, though. They must have had the pellets out.
beauxeault, Nov 29 2001


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