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The plectrum holder bracelet

Carry your plectrums in style
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A stylish bracelet with a clip device for holding plectrums which is worn on the on the back of your wrist, it will be capable of holding up to two plectrums and the clip will be fashioned in a universal manor so it can hold both Dunlop and shark fin picks. Available in gold, silver or matted steel. It will also come in to different styles his or hers. The his style is just a plan circler band, the her style is elegantly styled with both gold and silver metal.
magic_ki, Mar 12 2004

Charmed, I'm sure http://www.enterthe...evine/plexcharm.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

pic 1 http://www.facebook...943662&id=700869594
Not as stylish but it worked! Kept the plectrum close and... [jaydventer, Nov 04 2009]

pic 2 http://www.facebook...a6e784&id=700869594
...also allowed for the plectrum to retract so I could use it.... [jaydventer, Nov 04 2009]

pic 3 http://www.facebook...7f1e57&id=700869594
...and when I'm done i can just slide the bead back and the plectrum is part of the bracelet again. [jaydventer, Nov 04 2009]


       Stops you losing your picks, but what if you lose the bracelet?
Deadlock'd, Mar 12 2004

       Hmmmm, I don't actually no.
magic_ki, Mar 12 2004

       It could be made from false precious metals.
magic_ki, Mar 12 2004

       Attach the pleccy to the bracelet by means of a rectracting chain, so if you drop it, it doesn't ping off into the unknown.
friendlyfire, Mar 12 2004

       You lost another one? After that handy tip I gave you last time?   

       [Who posted that long string of text above? Whoever you are, just so you know, long strings screw up the layout on some browsers, like mine.]
Detly, Mar 15 2004

       I already have a pick holder on my guitar. This'd be better if it could hold more than 2 picks, but I wouldn't wear one 'cos I wouldn't wear any sort of bracelet.
saker, Mar 15 2004

       btw if [StealthMonkey] is reading this please note the correct spelling of Plectrum.   

       As for the idea, I very much like it. There are all manner of lockets and bracelets that are of a size that could incorporate ya pleccies. +
gnomethang, Mar 15 2004

       Good idea, it would stop them rattling round in my change and annoying me when I pay for something with coins.   

       One minor adjustment though: for true guitar player authenticity, I think it should be made of masking tape rather than metal...
kmlabs, Jan 12 2005

       pic 1, 2 and 3 shows a design a came up with, using string, 2 beads and a plectrum.
One bead holds a string attached to the plectrum in place, so that it is part of the bracelet, but once you slide the bead towards the other way, the string and plectrum becomes detached from the bracelet, which allows you to use it and also prevents you from losing it while playing. When you're done, you just slide the bead back into place and it becomes a compact bracelet again.
* The string kinda scathed my skin a bit, so I want to try it with a smoother material.
* The plectrum wasn't always held perfectly in place, sometimes it would get a bit loose from between the beads, so it would kind of hang like a charm on a charm-bracelet. So i want to try and design a better method of holding the pick in place.
jaydventer, Nov 04 2009

       //a universal manor//
Buckingham Palace?
coprocephalous, Nov 04 2009


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