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The square umbrella

For wet-lunch-hour lovers
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When two lovers stroll in rain,

Regardless of the weather,

“Round” umbrellas are a pain,

Because the edges clash together.

But “square” umbrellas fit,

And let the pair get closer,

Just an extra little bit.

Is that a bad thing? ... No sir!

rayfo, Nov 09 2000

Four-panel square umbrella http://www.logomall.com/88367/609_3.htm
100 for $26 each including one color imprint. [jutta, Nov 09 2000]

Flatwear - Hip to be Square http://store.yahoo..../flatframauto1.html
Mini square umbrella, retail for $25. [jutta, Nov 09 2000]

Bi-umbrella with flasher http://www.gnrtr.co...utions/en/s031.html
not square, but these fit together. Disappointingly, not as kinky as it sounds. [footzilla, Jun 11 2005]


       If you have two square umbrellas side-by-side, each is going to dump a fair amount of rain onto the other person unless you seal the gap between them.
supercat, Nov 09 2000

       And I thought I was being mock-serious. In future I'll search on every synonym no matter how un-useless an idea seems. I just didn't think of "couples". How elegant is that twin-shaft solution, and flying solo with a square umbrella - I didn't think of that either. Thanx all. I'll add this fishbone to my pile / And through my tears contrive a smile.
rayfo, Nov 10 2000


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