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The universal Duster

a Satic electrivity based dust pad
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Okay, at first glance this seems like those cloths for cleaning hardwood floors. Well kind of, but in this case, using the principal that dust is attracted to a static charge, why not deliberately create a dust zone. A small plate in attached to a wall and connected to an electric charge (enough to create a sufficient static charge, without lethal currents), this plate will then attract the majority of the dust in the room towards it. Thus, dusting will be limited to disconnecting the plate from the charge and removing the dust.
bobsta, Sep 18 2001

Sharper Image's Ionic Breeze http://www.sharperi...&pcatid=3&catid=301
Useful if you don't have central air. [phoenix, Sep 18 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I'm all in favour of Satic electrivity.
Try using a television. Hold it screen down about an inch from the floor, then switch it on. The de-gauss circuitry produces a huge static charge on the tube face which will attract every dust particle in the surrounding square yard. Maybe. The larger the TV you use, the better the effect. I recommend a 29" Sony.
angel, Sep 18 2001

       I don't think it's the degausser that produces a static charge...
egnor, Sep 18 2001

       this is baked in many factories and plants around the world that use electrostatic dust collectors to remove particulates from their flue gases. they work on basicaly the principle that you describe, and when the plates (or wires in some cases) are de-energised, the dust falls into a giant bag at bottom of the collector (obviously the flue gases must be diverted to other collectors when this is happening).   

       <later>...rats! unabubba beat me to it!
mihali, Sep 18 2001

       Damn, another multi-million pound idea down the drain, ah well. back to the padded thinking box!!!!
bobsta, Sep 18 2001

       [egnor]: You're right; I meant the line output transformer (around 30,000 volts for a large-screen TV).
angel, Sep 18 2001

       <pedant> I would quibble with the word 'universal' (I would also quibble with a lot of the other words if people hadn't beaten me to it). There are still places in the world which do not have an electricity supply and would therefore be unable to use this device. In order to make it truly universal, it would require some mechanical component (as the clockwork radio) in order to generate electricity by hand.</pedant>
DrBob, Sep 18 2001


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