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self-flickin’ duster

electric feather duster
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dusting in a house full of cats is time consuming and boring, not to mention the risk of repetitive strain injury of continually flicking a traditional feather duster. there is a real gap in the market for an electric feather duster; either battery powered or with a mains lead or even solar or nuclear powered come to that, I am not fussed either way.

however a self-flicking feather duster would be the answer to a maidens’ prayer (well, one of them at any rate)

to clean your duster, just thrust it out of the window and turn it on to full blast. make sure that the power is switched off before immersing in water.

googling for bakedness is not recommended.

po, Oct 26 2003


       Neat. Kinda following along the steps of the electric toothbrush.   

       A battery-powered spinning mascara applicator might be handy.   

       But, about your duster... I'm just wondering...   

       ...how do you turn it on full blast if you've thrown it out the window?
verTigo, Oct 26 2003

       Aahhh me again. I did a little research and, sorry to disappoint you, but they've already invented your automatic duster thingy.   

       Yeah... it's called a 'hand held vacuum', of all things. Geez man, i'm sorry I hope I didn't burst your bubble to badly ;)
verTigo, Oct 26 2003

       I don't want a vacuum, I want a duster :P
po, Oct 26 2003

       how well you have come to know me :)
po, Oct 26 2003

       A Swiffer^TM is considerably less sneezy.
beland, Oct 27 2003

       Cat's self clean
fem's this mil' glean
Zimmy, Feb 08 2006


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