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Theogermal energy

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A heat exchanger apparatus that fits on the forehead of theologians * when they are feeling a bit under the weather, due to an infection from germs.

The apparatus conveys the fever heat to a Sterling engine, which generates electricity.

Theogermal units can be arranged in parallel, series might be a bit iffy.

* preferably Anglican as they aren't that prone to violence

not_morrison_rm, Dec 10 2011

Bashar Assad lights up the middle east as a tribute to Hannuka http://www.facebook...0198&type=1&theater
[pashute, Dec 12 2012]


       It's been a while since I've seen a good Sterling 1/2bake. [+]
Alterother, Dec 11 2011

       This is necessary because you cannot utilize the blazing fires of hell, although Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain reported about a nice try at it.   

       I've also been told of Rabbi Meimon who at a fundraising dinner with people of the justice department in Warsaw told of a case that reached the heavenly court. Due to the heat and flames, a large crack appeared on the wall between heaven (the garden of Eden) and hell (the Gehenom and Sheol). The heavenly people said it was clear it was the other sides fault, with their fire getting out of hand. Obviously, they should pay for the repairs.   

       There was a long discussion, 7 days and 7 nights and finally the Gehenom won.   

       The rabbi then sat down.   

       The crowd asked: Wait, why!   

       Oh. Said the rabbi, I thought its obvious. All the lawyers are on that side.
pashute, Dec 12 2012

       How is this offensive? I'm a devout Christian and find this quite funny.
nineteenthly, Dec 13 2012


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